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Norville Digital Lens Directory launched to help us all see clearer

December 2011

Norville digital lens directoryNorville launch their new 50 page Digital Lens Freeform Technical Directory outlining current availability.  Frank Norville commented, “freeform might also be termed fast moving as our own team have the challenge keeping up with all this new data.  That’s why we considered it essential to encapsulate the state of play for our customers in this new publication.  It really confirms freeform high definition lenses are here to stay with availability across single vision, bifocal, progressives and special bespoke options such as extra large, bifocals and combination lenses, bifocal and progressive combined and double up and down progressive to list but a few.  We are particularly delighted to launch a new drivers progressive “Freeway”, specifically for the professional driver who requires a reading addition but whose priority is clear and comfortable distance vision.”

Never before have practitioners been able to recommend such a variety of options to clients that incorporate best ever high definition vision across all so many lens types.

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