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Silhouette Announces New Sunglass Collection

January 2012

Silhouette announces its new SUN 2012 collection combines pioneering, mainly rimless eyewear design with the best and most safe protection from the hazards of the sun. This is made possible by Silhouette’s decades-long involvement with the sunglasses phenomenon and its development in terms of extensive research, design, product development and production, so celebrate the sun in 2012 with Silhouette.

Each of the 16 new models look and feel great and are incomparably light yet effective. The models are divided into 2 distinct ranges - Lifestyle by Design – for a chic, fashionable look, and Action by Design – for sporting moments in the sun.

LIFESTYLE BY DESIGN sunglasses are available in 13 versions – each with its own take on style and function.

Silhouette Icon - unmistakable, ultra light, ultra comfortable and made without screws or hinges, this model is available in seven colourways and  both Polarised and prescription lenses are available. Silhouette Icon are the “most authentic” Silhouette sunglasses.

Silhouette Adventurer - Silhouette’s new Aviator Shapes. They are robust and flexible thanks to the use of High-Tech Titanium, and represent a classic style choice for both men and women. The Silhouette Adventurer is available in four different lens shapes, in three colours and in two different styles.

Silhouette Class - anyone who likes beautiful watches will also be thrilled by this range that incorporates some elements from watch design, reinterpreted in sunglasses. Featuring distinctive metal effect features, these rimless sunglasses, designed mainly for men, are also available with Polarised sun protection lenses in two different models.

Silhouette Cosmopolitan - just in time for the Dallas revival - this model cleverly picks up on the style of the 80’s and playfully adapts it with various materials. On-trend leather decorates the temples and the themed colour range, from apricot to purple, combines flamboyance with the highest quality sun protection lenses.

Silhouette New Horizon - combines lightness and style. Rimless shield shades are already seen as classics among sunglasses but they deliver a new design twist with their attention to detail. Both Silhouette New Horizon models have all the typical Silhouette features – no hinges, no screws, and hardly any weight thanks to High-Tech Titanium – plus a look of chic glamour!

Silhouette Center Court - is a modern pair of sunglasses that stays where it should in every situation, without any movement, does not slip and stands out thanks to its optimum fit. Both the shapes and the colours of Silhouette Center Court are modern, for which both High-Tech Titanium and light SPX eyewear plastic are used.

ACTION BY DESIGN stands for a lifestyle characterised by movement in the sun, and this range boasts 3 models perfect for summer action.

Silhouette Pro – is a combination of state of the art sunglasses technology and dynamic design which has resulted in two models, both of which make statements with their strong colour accents and their sporty Wrap Around Design. Whatever your movement your eyes are perfectly protected from the hazards of the sun – with or without Polarised sun protection lenses. Silhouette Pro sits as lightly as a feather thanks to the use of High-Tech Titanium and SPX.

Silhouette Trophy – provides a classic sporty look to meet the requirements of sportspeople. Light, and with the Wrap Around look, it suits both for men and women.

The most beautiful colours under the sun

The Silhouette SUN 2012 collection lets you see the world as you want to see it - glowing neutral and real – for which grey toned lenses should be chosen -  brightened – for which you should look through green lenses – or stimulating with increased contrast via brown lenses – it all depends on your choice of sun protection lenses.  Fashionistas can make their statements with colours such as Apricot Degradé, Earth Degradé, Purple Degradé and Grey and Green Degradé.

With this well-designed system of sun protection lenses, Silhouette emphasises the idea of individuality because for every requirement, every need, every personality and every face, there is a pair of Silhouette sunglasses to suit individual taste in the SUN 2012 collection.

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