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Solution in sight for presbyopes with new laser treatment

January 2012

SupraCor™ could make age-related presbyopia a thing of the past

A Harley Street clinic (Advanced Vision Care) announced this week that it has become one of the first eye surgery clinics in Europe to offer SupraCor™, a breakthrough new laser procedure for correcting presbyopia that results in the need for reading glasses after the age of 40.

Unlike the treatments available until now, SupraCor™ results in superior visual acuity for reading and intermediate without significantly compromising the distance vision. This revolutionary treatment does not induce aberrations that can compromise night vision. SupraCor™ has been developed by Technolas Perfect Vision, well known leaders in the field of refractive surgery, and represents a lifeline to those with distance prescriptions up to +2 – estimated to be 42.3% of people in the UK.

“This innovative corneal approach to treating presbyopia is a life-changing treatment for a group of patients who until now had limited options,” said AVC’s medical director and lead surgeon Mr CT Pillai. “The procedure provides excellent near and intermediate vision whilst maintaining excellent distance vision”.

Mr Pillai was among just 35 surgeons from Europe and the Middle East who were invited to attend the launch of SupraCor™ in Istanbul in February this year. Having witnessed the amazing results, he is now offering the treatment to patients at his Harley Street clinic.

As with all laser eye treatments, not everyone will be suitable for SupraCor™ so a thorough assessment is required to determine suitability. The criteria is precise and at the treatment is only available to those who fall under certain prescription parameters. 

“To be involved in introducing such a remarkable new form of laser technology to the wider public is extremely exciting for us at AVC,” said Mr Pillai. “We are now welcoming enquiries from anyone interested in finding out how SupraCor™ can turn back the clock for their eyesight and enjoy reading again without reaching for glasses.”

Some of the advantages the clinic suggests are as follows:

• Both eyes are balanced and achieve same superior vision, unlike monovision and blended vision surgery
• No unwelcome aberrations hence reduced haloes and glare, unlike presbylasik procedures
• Procedure is approximately £6,000 cheaper than closest alternative treatment

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