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Google X reported in The Times Paper and throughout the internet this week

February 2012

Rumour, and at present that is all that can be said syas that by the end of this year our smart display seen on Android phones will soon be backlit on special spectacles being prepared by Google. is believed to be planning this new mobile device, a pair of glasses that will relay all the information of a phone straight to your eyes.

Reports from many gismo internet sites suggest that Google will release the high-tech spectacles by the end of the year. The normal lenses will have screens that sit a few centimetres from a user’s eyes.
The New York Times has suggested that the mobile glasses will cost between $250 and $600 (£160-£380).

Google declined to comment.

Though the concept sounds outlandish, it is known that the company has created a grand new project dubbed “Google X” at its campus in Mountain View, California.

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