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Kangol Eyewear Launches New Range

March 2012

MIDO provides the stimulus to 4 new optical and 2 new sunglass Kangol models.

Kangol eyewear say the new frames reflect an openness of mind and will bring greater choice to the style conscious wearer.

Kangol 216

An exciting new addition to the Kangol collection, Kangol 216 is an exceptionally well crafted half frame with a distinctively unique shape. The petite pinched nose bridge complements the delicate metal sides with wave effect detail at the temples for a convincingly original look.

Kangol 216 is available in two colour combinations:

Colour 1 is black all over with silver and lime green waves and Kangol branding in lime green to the temples.

Colour 2 is burgundy all over with purple and lime green waved stripes and Kangol branding in lime green to the temples.

Kangol 217

Kangol 217 paves the way for trend setters with this lightweight, full metal frame in a matt metallic finish. With its statement making front paired with slim sides, the design elements resonate the free spirited philosophy of the Kangol brand.

Available in two matt metallic colours:

Colour 1 is brushed metallic black all over the outside with a shiny lime green brushed metal inside. Subtle patterned detail is compressed into the temples with the Kangol branding featuring to the left temple.

Colour 2 is a deep navy blue all over with subtle patterned detail compressed into the temples and Kangol branding printed to the left temple.

Kangol 218

The new Kangol 218 model makes an on trend statement in masculine style. The angular shaped full metal front and linear styled sides puts a veritable stamp on everything that’s male.

Available in two gentlemanly colours:

Colour 1 is black all over; the front and temples are black metal while black brushed plastic is taken to the sides.

Colour 2 pairs a gunmetal metallic front and temples with black brushed plastic sides.

Kangol Sunglasses

Galaxy adds one plastic and one metal aviator style model to the Kangol sunglasses collection for 2012.

Kangol KS6012

Aviators with rims! Kangol transcends the boundaries of habitual and delivers an exciting new aviator model for 2012 with coloured rims to the lenses. Dynamic spring joint hinges bring extra flexibility and the guarantee of a well crafted frame.

Available in two colour combinations:

Colour 1 is black all over with a white rim to the lenses.

Colour 2 is gold all over with a brown rim to the lenses.

Kangol KS6013

Big curves are beautiful! Kangol delivers this sumptuously styled plastic model for ladies, with beautiful upswept curved lenses for that glamorous Hollywood look.

Available in two colour combinations:

Colour 1 is classic black all over while colour 2 is tortoiseshell throughout.

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