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Protect your eyes with Mainline Optical Connections

March 2012

UV Meter from Mainline Optical ConnectionsFor March 2012 Mainline have brought back their most popular offer ready for the sunshine, so hope there is some sunshine soon!

Buy 20 packets of our 1 Minute UV and get the RG400 UV & LTF Meter Free.  The UV Meter is ideal for laboratory and dispensing use, it checks lens requirements for UV and LTF readings. The unit is battery operated and portable, this makes demonstrating to customers easy. It includes a fully automatic setup and is self-calibrating.

The Mainline UV Meter is fast and accurate to give your customer the best UV protection possible. Mainline 1 Minute UV has a new advanced formula that is non-yellowing and has a long shelf life. The UV takes 1 minute to treat and saves you money on shipping costs with only being a small packet. See Mainline's page on PHN for links or their website.

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