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EyeDispense Releases High Definition Version for New iPad

April 2012

EyeDispense, the Video Dispensing App for iPad, has released a high definition version to coincide with the release of the new iPad during March.

EyeDispense HD, which is available as a free update to existing users, works with iPad's updated operating system iOS5.1 to bring very obvious speed and stability improvements.

By simply holding the iPad up, pressing record and panning around a client from front to side, video is captured of a potential frame. It takes just 40 seconds to do this for four frames and comparisons can be made at a glance to quickly and professionally narrow the dispensing choice.

With iPad's portability, EyeDispense HD has been designed to retain the dispensing by totally engaging the client's interest at the point of choice.

Each video can be played and paused to highlight the angle of interest. Paused "4UP" pictures can be emailed or uploaded to Facebook.

App developer David Crystal commented, "We find the ability to email the choices particularly helpful for men looking for partner approval. The instancy of Smart phones means we can often "close" the dispensing when the partner typically replies "you look best in picture three".

EyeDispense HD works great on iPad 2 but the new iPad has 1080p video recording and a "retina" display so we should be able to point out subtle features and detailing found on higher value frames".

Since its initial launch in July last year, EyeDispense has been incredibly successful with worldwide sales and international interest from multiples. The appeal is that EyeDispense HD on iPad speeds up the dispensing process. Commercially, in large outlets with multiple dispensing "lanes" freeing-up sales flow makes a difference to group viability.

It's now simple to roll out multiple instances of EyeDispense HD into stores. Apple Configurator for OS X Lion, released this month, enables anyone to configure and deploy large numbers of iPads with the settings, apps and data restricted as appropriate. All that is needed is a single EyeDispense HD licence and co-branding by importing the corporate logo via an option in the app's user settings.

EyeDispense HD is available from Apple iTunes App Store.

£39.99 Pounds Sterling
$59.99 US Dollars
€44.99 Euros
$59.99 Canadian Dollars
$64.99 Australian Dollars
$79.99 New Zealand Dollars

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