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Electric new titanium colours from TD Tom Davies

April 2012

Tom Davies has developed a groundbreaking new technology for applying bold colours to

Having modified the ion plating technology the brand uses for its existing titanium colours, designer Tom Davies can take colour to the next level.  “Until now, any bright colours needed to be sprayed onto the surface of a frame”, says Davies, “Like most brands, we could only use electroplating or ion technology for a standard colour palette. This new technique expands my colour selection in new and exciting ways. The colours have a raw electric feel to them which I love”. Unlike spraying, ion plating chemically changes the surface of titanium. This makes the colour close to scratch-resistant. “You would have to scratch off the titanium surface to see a change in colour”, says Davies.

This new technique was developed by TD, in collaboration with ion plating specialists based near Tom’s workshop in Shenzhen. The new range of colours is due to launch in May, splashed onto 12 stunning new double bloc titanium frames.

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