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Silhouette Launches New Half-Rimmed Eyewear Models

May 2012

Silhouette, the award-winning eyewear brand, has unveiled three new half-rimmed eyewear models, Titan Design, Titan Dynamics and Zenlight.

Zenlight is based upon the teachings of Zen, with Silhouette’s eyeglasses providing wearers with the highest level of comfort and unimpeded vision with the emotion of endless well-being within the colours and construction of these eyewear masterpieces made from soft SPX plastic. Now Zenlight is available in half-rimmed versions in a variety of colourways.

Titan Dynamics, is a subtle and refined model that harmoniously combines metal and lens in naturally flowing lines that accentuate the face and its expressions rather than draw unnecessary attention to the frame itself. The result is eyewear that magically unites function with emotion. It champions refinement in design which is a speciality of Silhouette and is the working embodiment of the company’s ethos of ‘Seeing without boundaries’. The design encourages the positive interaction of material, colour and lines – whilst also optimising comfort and ease of use.

Titan Dynamics half-rimmed models are available in a diverse and engaging colour palette.

Silhouette’s Titan Design eyewear was inspired by simplicity, infinity, the consistent force of innovation, and a love for detail – a classic at first glance. It has a character that is both timeless and contemporary, allowing it to meld with the wearer’s personality. The appeal of half-rimmed version of these classic frameless eyeglasses is the precise, tapering lines, where the effect is augmented by using high-tech titanium. This is contrasted by the decorative titanium cuboids on the temples.

Silhouette’s new half-rimmed models incorporate, like the majority of the brand’s models, the most modern screw and hinge-less solutions and extensive use of innovative materials to provide the highest level of comfort. The new rimless eyewear models are also largely hand-made by Austrian craftsmen. 

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