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Norville provide the Sports Knowledge in Olympiad Year

June 2012

2012 is all about sports and with so many major events this year, Sports eyewear supply should also be very high on all our to do lists says Norville

You will find in the new Sports Catalogue 2012 that Norville have added three new models from Progear to bolster our very successful Active Protection range. The three new models dispense with side arms in favour of a sports band, which they believe will keep these goggles secure in dynamic play. 

Two great new additional options to the Progear range have also been added with the introduction of a Wind/Splash guard insert, which is available in all sizes, in both a standard rubber option for splash and the same rubber option with additional foam outer for wind protection and increased comfort. There is also a booster bridge option for both small-fitting frames in the Progear range for kids with shallow bridges.

Swimming and cycling eyewear sales have also been very strong over the last year and they are pleased that they can still offer a strong range of options in all areas.

Norville announce that for this year they will offer Trivex lens material as well as Polycarbonate prescription options within our package price. This great lightweight material benefits from great optical performance and is lighter than polycarbonate as well as being highly chemical resistant.

Towards the rear of the new 2012 catalogue you will find some additional sales opportunities with sports bands, cleaning and anti-fog solutions as well as some eye-catching point of sale materials.

Outside of the new catalogue Norville Group have also invested in the very best MEI 5-Axis technology for 8 base wrap glazing using Sportor lenses, their latest digital free-form lens range, and powered by Trivex NXT lens materials.

If you need some advice on frames or point of sale material for sports dispensing then please do not hesitate to contact Norville who can provide the help and information you are looking for.

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