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No more steamed up specs with Rodenstock Fog-Free Cloths

October 2012

Opticians have the perfect answer to a customer’s winter woes when it comes to steamed up specs – a new range of anti-fog cloths from lens manufacturer Rodenstock.

Fog Free Cloths from RodenstockRodenstock FogFree has been specifically developed to provide an anti-fog effect for the premium coating Solitaire Protect Plus, the innovative lens finish which offers protection against scratches, dirt, dust and water but is also suitable for other lens types.

They are simple to use – just breathe on each lens, wipe with the FogFree cloth for about 10 seconds and pop the cloth back into its re-sealable cover.

The cloths have an added benefit for customers – sparkling clean lenses and fog-free vision. Each cloth comes in a re-sealable envelope, ideal for carrying in pockets or bags. Each can be used 20 times and the fog-free effect starts immediately.

Opticians can order a Rodenstock FogFree display containing 10 boxes with three cloths in each box, single boxes containing three cloths or single cloths with a lens order of Solitaire Protect Plus coated lenses via WinFit Reference.

There is also a FogFree Demonstrator, a stylishly-designed humidifier which enables the optician to provide a fast and easy demonstration of the fog-free effect in the practice.

Orders can be placed via Rodenstock’s WinFit Reference, an advanced ordering system for complete spectacles, lenses and eyewear that allows opticians to place and track orders 24 hours a day. WinFit Reference is available to all opticians offering Rodenstock products.

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