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Silhouette announce more Style Days for 2013

November 2012

Silhouette’s Image Consultant Team consists of 10 image consultants who are fully equipped with the knowledge and ability to succeed at the Silhouette Style Days. Each team member has been trained as an Image Consultant and will have a dedicated territory in order to provide the absolute best service for Silhouette’s partners.
The friendliness of the team, competence and broad knowledge, together with the ability to empathise with people on all levels will significantly contribute to the success of the Silhouette Style Days.
Course of the consultation and what your customers can expect

The consultation process begins by conducting an analysis of the following: 


Using gold and silver chains, together with a selection of multicoloured silk scarves, the image consultants will determine whether the client’s skin tone is warm or cool, clear or soft, and they will be shown a sample pallet of flattering colours to suit.
Hair and eye colour are key factors in the analysis process.  Hair colour advice will be given together with an assessment of eye colour to help with the frame colour selection. The face shape and scale will also be assessed in order to advise on the ideal frame shape and size to perfectly complement the face. 

Providing the client is happy with the product recommendation, the optician will then proceed with the glazing. All customers will be given a Silhouette gift bag containing a journal, cleaning cloth, and upon selection  pen, neck pillow, pocket mirror and handbag clip as a memento of their style consultation and to complement their choice of eyewear.
The Silhouette Style Day costs £475 (which will be covered by the first dispense - frame and glazing - of the day). This amount also covers personalised invitations, POS materials (banner, posters and counter cards), gift bag contents and the time of an experienced and professional style consultant.
Silhouette Style Days provide an unforgotten experience for both practices and customers alike, adding complete support and delivering a unique and unforgettable experience.  
After conducting hundreds of Style Days, Silhouette is proud to report that 99% of customers stated that they would recommend the days to other practices. (Those who answered "no" justified their response by stating they didn’t want their competitors hosting the same event and wanted the Style Days to be a unique proposition for their practice).

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