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Vision Enhancers promote new catalogue in time for “Spot the Signs’ of Macular Degeneration Campaign” - Are you Ready?

March 2013

The ‘Spot the Signs’ campaign is currently being launched by the RNIB to raise awareness of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).  With this currently in the media you may well get more enquiries from patients about this eye disease and what is available to help people who may develop it.  Vision Enhancers Limited proposes to offer help & support to your patients with low vision.

When giving advice you may well offer Magnifiers and Task Lighting as two of the ways that people can be helped to live with AMD and low vision. Vision Enhancers therefore coincide the launch of their new 2013 Vision Aids Catalogue which includes the widest selection of Magnifying Glasses, Vision Aids, Lighting and Filter Glasses to help people with low vision and also Eye Vitamins to promote eye health.  Products are from well-known and respected brands with good quality optics such as Coil, Eschenbach, Schweizer, Optelec, Sight and Sound, Visualeyes, Bierley and lighting from Ottlite and Daylight. To view the extensive range of products including, bar, dome, hand, stand, illuminated and electronic magnifiers, binoculars, telescopes, magnifying spectacles, filter glasses and lighting view their online catalogue at 

Vision Enhancers sell direct to the public and also offer an advice line. However they recommend input from optical of rehabilitation specialists.

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