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Rodenstock Launches Colormatic® Promotion

June 2013

Rodenstock has launched a promotion offering opticians a great price deal on its ColorMatic® IQ lenses, the fastest photochromic lens on the market.

Following the success of the 2012 promotion and requests for a similar format in 2013, this year’s promotion once again supports the independent practice, offering Rodenstock’s full range of light-reactive ColorMatic® IQ lenses at highly competitive special net prices.

In addition, Rodenstock is offering free remote edging and free glazing, even for supra and rimless frames, and a comprehensive marketing kit.

Debbie Bathgate, Lens Product Manager at Rodenstock UK, says: “This promotion provides the independent optician with an ideal tool to differentiate their lens portfolio from the High Street chains while offering clients exceptional value on ColorMatic® IQ products.

“Our ColorMatic® IQ lenses offer the perfect combination of speed, protection and colour. They adapt to changing light conditions automatically and faster than any other comparable product on the market, and offer the best glare protection and 100% UV protection.

“There’s an extensive range of lens types available in a wide choice of colours and materials.”

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