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Rodenstock Announce a Consulting Platform

June 2013

Rodenstock has launched a unique new multimedia platform to unite all of its tools and online content in a single program.  Rodenstock Consulting allows opticians to address all of their customer requirements, pricing and ordering easily and efficiently.

The customer consulting platform features a range of services, including Rodenstock iPad apps, the latest videos to view and download, the Rodenstock Training Tool, eyewear collection catalogues, WinFit® Reference online ordering, links to Rodenstock’s website and House of Better Vision, plus bespoke links to opticians' own websites.

Automatic updates also ensure that opticians always have the most up-to-date tools at their fingertips.
Debbie Bathgate, Lens Product Manager at Rodenstock UK, said: “Our multimedia platform offers huge benefits to opticians. It supports them every step of the way, giving them the most advanced consulting techniques so they can provide customers with the perfect spectacles. It’s simple and intuitive to use and the optician’s website, products and services can be integrated perfectly.
“Rodenstock Consulting also gives the optician’s customers complete confidence in their professional expertise and the quality of the eyewear they are buying.”

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