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Silhouette update the Titan Minimal Art Milestones story so far

August 2013

An idea that has become a legend

A succession of many small steps made Titan Minimal Art what it is today: an icon. But, above all, it is the passion and enthusiasm of the people- those who wear it and those who create it- that make it an indispensable accessory.

In the 1990s, Silhouette designer Gerhard Fuchs’s ideas were characterized by reduction. His task was to create glasses that function without practically anything, while offering a lot more than any other eyeglasses: highest wearing comfort, perfect design, and unlimited vision.

In 1999, the world was amazed to see the first eyeglasses with a rimless frame design: Titan Minimal Art. Whatever was typical for eyeglasses up to that point was abandoned: screws, hinges, frame. Even the weight was reduced to 1.8 grams. This was the beginning of a new era; Titan Minimal Art was the first object ever created that made seeing with glasses as limitless as without.

Owing to its great success, the Titan Minimal Art collection – which originally consisted of two models in five colours – was expanded by six models and three colours in 1999, the same year it was created. It rapidly conquered the hearts and faces of  eyeglass wearers all over the world.

It took only a short time for the revolutionary glasses to be discovered by NASA, the American space agency. On October 11th, 2000, Titan Minimal Art took off on its first space mission aboard NASA’s space shuttle Discovery. Astronauts Bill McArthur and Peter JK Wisoff were excited about their limitless vision in space. 35 further missions followed. In cooperation with NASA, Silhouette even developed special sun protection eyewear for space applications.

The sunglass season of 2000 quickly found its star in Titan Minimal Art Sun. The rimless sunglasses, which come without hinges or screws, reached the status of a “must have” worldwide. From New York to Tokyo, Berlin to London, in Paris and Milan: not only fashionistas agreed on which were the coolest shades.

The international catwalks were not far away. In 2001, Titan Minimal Art entered the catwalk stages of New York, London, Paris, and Milan. Appreciating Titan Minimal Art’s rich variety and ability to transfigure, Julien Macdonald and other designers sent their models to the catwalk wearing special creations.

With its numerous custom-made editions, Titan Minimal Art took the hearts of the stars by storm. In 2000, a special collection was created for Elton John, and in 2004, Tom Cruise insisted on wearing his tailor-made Titan Minimal Art Sun in "Collateral”, a film which received many awards and nominations.

More than 150 Titan Minimal Art sunglasses are at the disposal of star David Caruso, alias Horatio Caine. In 2002 the TV series CSI: Miami was first broadcasted in the US and was on air till 2012 with over 230 episodes worldwide  - on average, he puts his Titan Minimal Art on and takes it off 22 times per episode.

Based on the Titan Minimal Art’s big success in space, Silhouette developed a Space Edition in 2006. This eyewear was intended to give its wearers on earth a feeling of the infinite vastness of the universe. The Space Edition was presented at expensive and impressive space shows all over the globe, supported by NASA astronauts.

In 2008, the members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra – which many think is the best orchestra in the world –wore Titan Minimal Art at the New Year’s Concert for the first time, having a rimless and unlimited view of both their sheet music and the world: the New Year’s Concert is watched by about a billion people throughout the world.

In 2008, Silhouette presented the MUST Collection, featuring the most successful Titan Minimal Art models in a best-of collection. With its eight models, the Titan Minimal Art – The MUST Collection shows the great variety of this classic eyewear.

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, Silhouette created a Special Edition in 2009, which is comprised of four extraordinary models. Nick Knight, one of the best fashion photographers, was assigned to stage this edition. In compliance with Silhouette’s credo – “the most beautiful frame for a pair of glasses is the wearer’s face” – one of the most fascinating and prominent “frames” in the world was chosen for the event: Nadja Auermann.

In 2010 Silhouette introduced Titan Minimal Art with wrap-around lenses. The close fitting lenses are streamlined to the wearer's face. Additionally, the lenses are tinted to provide a harmonizing accent.

More than 8 million spectacle wearer's worldwide have been enjoying the advantages of Titan Minimal Art - both on Earth and in outer space. People are looking into the future with satisfaction, liberated from limitations by eyewear considered to be the most revolutionary in recent history.

With Titan Minimal Art – The Icon, Silhouette is entering a new age in 2013. A powerful interpretation of the original design, Titan Minimal Art - The Icon presents itself as light, versatile eyewear of subtle robustness, impressive with its clear design, guaranteeing unrestricted vision with the highest level of comfort in all areas of life.

Parallel to the "Titan Minimal Art – The Icon" product launch in 2013, Silhouette is launching a broad POS campaign featuring American actor Patrick Dempsey. Known as the dreamy Dr Derek Shepherd on the ABC series "Grey's Anatomy" and with a professional affinity for fast cars, he is the likeable face of the campaign "An Icon for an Icon". Peter Lindbergh is responsible for creating extraordinary imagery.

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