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Hoya introduce the TrueForm range expansion

September 2013

The search for ‘optical perfection’ is reflected in each and every Hoya product. But optical perfection can only have true value when it becomes available to everyone.
Hoya has already optimised their Hoyalux Summit Pro, Summit CD and Amplitude progressive lenses with TrueForm Technology. Now, all Hoya single vision, bifocal and indoor lenses will also carry this signature of quality. This means that all Hoya lenses are now freeform calculated and produced, down to the pixel level, optimising their visual performance for each individual prescription.
For customers, TrueForm means:

  • Quality lenses delivering even greater accuracy
  • Sharper vision and improved Visual performance
  • Easy adaption and enhanced stable width of vision for all prescriptions
  • Bi-aspheric design also results in thinner and flatter lenses for improved aesthetics

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