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Hoya introduces Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+

September 2013

The new individualised progressive lens that provides crystal clear vision in a split second.
Hoya launches Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ during Silmo, in Paris. With this new individualised progressive lens Hoya takes the concept of individualisation to the next level and offers clarity in a split second. Every time, everywhere.

As many as 73%* of European presbyopes have a different prescription for their left and right eye. Even the smallest prescription difference will lead to a visual imbalance that can cause asthenopic complaints. Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ is the first progressive lens in the world to take this difference into account, as it balances the design performance between right and left utilising the unique Binocular Harmonization Technology.

Next to this, Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ offers an unsurpassed level of individualisation with the new Hoya iDentifier software with extensive lifestyle module. The new algorithm tailors the distance, intermediate and near area exactly to individual needs and combines these into the ideal distribution for each customer.

Finally, each Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ design is evaluated with the Binocular Eye Model, Hoya’s patented binocular performance measurement programme, which guarantees the design is verified under real life circumstances before production.

As a result, Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ is the most individual lens ever sold by HOYA, and provides split second clarity, putting everything in instant focus for the wearer.

Petri Eskola, HOYA Product Specialist: “We are very proud to introduce the biggest design innovation since the launch of Hoyalux iD with its unique integrated double surface design philosophy in 2003. With our new Binocular Harmonization Technology we are for the first time able to create a progressive lens that truly improves binocular vision.”

Binocular Harmonization Technology

Even with the smallest prescription difference the position at which light rays pass a lens will be different for right and left. This will lead to a visual imbalance that can cause asthenopic complaints, such as tired and burning eyes and headaches. With Binocular Harmonization Technology, Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ considers the right and left prescription as individual components to define the required binocular lens design and calculates the necessary progressive distribution for each individual eye accordingly. Contrary to common individual lens technologies, this patented technology in Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ ensures that the correction is always appropriate at each point of the lens, exactly according to the needs of each eye in a binocular situation. The result is perfect and effortless focusing, constant stability and better depth of vision.

New Hoya iDentifier

Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ offers an unprecedented level of individualisation as it takes into account all the variables that determine the specific characteristics of each patient, such as individual wearing conditions, wearing history, prescription and lifestyle. With the new Hoya iDentifier, all these elements are recorded step by step. The new algorithm tailors each viewing area exactly to the needs of each patient and combines them into the ideal distribution for each customer. This unique system with virtually unlimited design variations guarantees a fully personalised profile for even the most extreme visual demands. 

InnoVision and the Binocular Eye Model

The Binocular Eye Model was developed as part of InnoVision, the philosophy and core from which HOYA creates its technologies, designs and services. Each Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ design is evaluated and calculated according to this model. The Model is a patented binocular performance measurement program that guarantees that each design is verified under real life circumstances before going into production. This ensures unprecedented binocular performance: stable images and better depth of vision in all situations.

Sales of Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ will start 1st of October, 2013.

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