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Norville launch their 4th Edition Digital Directory

October 2013

The Digital Directory has 70 pages and outline all the variants of high definition lens design currently available across progressives in General wear, Freeway and Bureau.  Simage a new HD version of traditional Image.  Versatile Office use lenses, Booster pre-presbyopia to Nortor HD single vision lenses, not only for sports but everyday driving and walking.  Higher power lenses available in Super Lenti forms up to minus 25.00D of power.  All these incorporate digital design and free-form manufacturing technology as does the unique Norville IRS Invisible Round Seg or Seamless design available from 20mm to 45mm segment diameters ideal for customising special needs lenses. 

Blended slab offs in progressive designs are a new speciality and Px feedback is awaited to confirm the preferred vertical placement of the variable position changeover strip.

Further bespoke dispensing options of CombiPal, double segging and Pilotor up and down progressive and combined progressive and bifocal designs. 

Norville are particularly proud to offer what is likely the widest choice across the world both in lens powers and product options, plus their unique XXL facility which up-scales useable blank diameters by a full 20mm i.e,. 75 = 95mm lens diameter, available for most lens types.

This magnificent and unique range of British manufactured lenses undoubtedly places Norville at the head of UK free-form producers.

Frank Norville commented “we have been endeavouring to get this document printed since April all the time upgrades and changes have held us back, eventually we just had to say “go to print!” but even today we have further news of additional options.  I can honestly say Digital is breathless technology!”

For your copy of the Digital Directory call 01452 510321.

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