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Cadillac Eyewear Takes To The Road

November 2013

Iconic American brand Cadillac are launching their design driven eyewear range in the UK.

With designs influenced by the luxury, prestige and strength of classic Cadillac cars down the years, the eyewear collection embraces this history with a range of high quality products that target success driven, passionate consumers that love to live large.

The 30 style strong Cadillac collection centres on the unique Titanium frames each with 180 degree flex hinges.

Vice-President of Cadillac Eyewear UK, Shariffah Alsagoff, says, “Cadillac Eyewear has been a massive success in the US and I’m proud to bring it to the UK. Cadillac’s renowned as an innovative, luxurious, premier brand and each of those elements are on show in these exciting designs. Fuelled by one of the most recognisable prestige brands in the world, these Optical frames have been forged to own the road in eyewear sales.”

Over the past century, Cadillac has been the automotive expression of the American Dream.
Innovative. Driven. Unstoppable, an iconic American brand, Cadillac stands for uncompromising performance, daring design and groundbreaking technology.

From developing the world’s first electric self starting engine and pioneering the integration of computer technology into vehicles, to being the first to offer drivers a colour other than black, it’s all part of the history.

And now, the exclusive UK launch of Cadillac Eyewear. Luxury never looked this good.

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