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Shamir SPARK: Frame measurement made simple, fast and accurate

December 2013

The Shamir SPARK is an innovative 3D optical measuring solution that enables opticians to quickly and precisely obtain the necessary ophthalmic measurements with just the click of a button, thus eliminating the need to fit uncomfortable devices or superimpose marks or artefacts on patients.
Shamir claims it is a revolution in portable 3D measurement devices.  

* Free of measuring clips on customer's frames. No more need for the annoying contraptions and uncomfortable measuring experience.

With simple "one click operation", Shamir SPARK™ is easy to use Just point and click. One image captures all that's required.

* SHAMIR SPARK™ processes the image and handles the comprehensive task of measuring and calculating all the necessary measurements.

This simple 1 click system is the perfect solution for opticians who wish to improve their level of service and leverage modern technology to conveniently and accurately measure customers for As-Worn™ lenses such as Shamir Autograph III™.

Contact your Shamir Lens Consultant today to organise delivery of your complimentary Shamir SPARK*

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