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New lens from Waterside at 100% Optical

December 2013

Pride of place amongst Waterside’s lens offering at 100% Optical will be given to their new Nano X HD progressive design which has been developed specifically for patients who want to wear modern shallow frames.

With a minimum fitting height of only 10mm the design incorporates full frame and wearer optimization. The fast transition from far to near zones due to it small progression lengths make it adaptable to even the smallest frames.

High precision and complete personalisation is achieved due to Digital Ray-Path Technology, with oblique aberrations being minimised to ensure the widest areas of clear vision in every direction. On traditional lens designs the higher the prescription the greater the loss of visual acuity due to oblique aberrations. Thanks to oblique aberration optimization, INFINITY* lenses calculated with Digital Ray-Path technology eliminate this effect.

The unique Nano X HD design also allows for variable insets which can be prescribed manually or adjusted automatically according to prescription and wearer data at normal working distance. For wearers who have no binocular convergence it is possible to supply with zero inset for near vision.

*The INFINITY progressive lens series from Waterside delivers a comprehensive range of individualised lens designs in the widest choice of materials available, from standard index CR39 through to tintable 1.74.

All INFINITY High Definition lenses are available with Waterside’s unique PUREVIEW ‘no-bloom’ anti reflection coating offering up to 99.7% transmission and provided with a 2 year guarantee as standard.

Visitors to the Waterside booth will also have the first opportunity to experience firsthand Waterside’s newly introduced OptikamPad; The complete modern eyewear dispensing system which combines powerful software with the portability of an iPad.

The OptikamPad allows the capture of all the measurements required to dispense Waterside’s INFINITY range of personalised progressives using one single frontal image. This portable solution offers precise, quick and complete measurements. Using the patented EY-stick, the OptikamPad’s unique technology means this is the only solution on the market where users do not need to be at the same eye level to capture the measurement image.

The Frame Selection function enables patients to see how they look in up to four different eyewear options. The side-by-side image comparison exposes the wearer to frames of different styles, resulting in an increase in multiple-frame sales. Email and Facebook features provide quick second opinion opportunities.

The lens demo module shows patients how thick their lenses will be; how their lenses will look with and without an anti-reflective treatment; and how bifocals, traditional progressives, premium progressives, and personalized progressives function and compare. It also illustrates and compares photochromatic, polarized, sun, and fashion tinted lenses.

Augmented reality displays simulate real-life situations such as office and outdoor scenes, which showcase the lens style and treatment options the patient has chosen when compared to a lens without them. The live video mode does the same thing, but instead of using photo comparisons, it utilizes the iPad’s video camera to demonstrate the options the patient chooses with a live view of their surroundings.

When dispensed using the OptikamPad from Waterside patients will clearly see the advantages of premium lens options and will understand why they are investing more for their new lenses.

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