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The New Sahdes of Titan Harmony Nylor Deliver Understated Elegance

January 2014

The new Silhouette Titan Harmony Nylor emanates understated style. The clean lines and lightweight frames deliver a subtle collection, which exude the confidence in which these designs were created.

Titan Harmony NylorThe Silhouette Titan Harmony Nylor is a second strain from the original collection, offering a balance of innovation which drives superior functionality, alongside luxurious designs with intricate fine-design details. Titan Harmony is now available in ‘Nylor’, the upper rim of the frame, which is made from titanium and creates a formal, appealing upper line next to the lens, secured by a fine and durable nylon thread.

Like the rimless model, the Nylor sub-collection of the Silhouette Titan Harmony still offers a delicate appearance, where the high-tech titanium is decorated with a temple feature. This silky-matte finish decorates the frame and provides a soft-touch to the tips.

The Silhouette Titan Harmony Nylor is available in three models, where the temples feature all-over colour, decorating the metallic top bar across the frames. The elegant shades and the classic lens shape used in the women’s range are available in rhodium and white, violet or the rose tone-on-tone as well as the polished gold with white. The two men’s models feature slate, ruthenium with black or with a brown-gold, to complement the deep lens shape. To offer more of a contrast, there is an alternative masculine frame with an elegant contrast of titanium gray with red against a stylish, flat lens shape.

“Conforming to various lifestyle concepts – from casual to modern to elegant – this is one of the particularly strong points of Titan Harmony, and that applies to the Nylor version too,” explains designer Angela Strecker. The undertones impress, enabling wearers of the spectacles to express their own particular style with a touch of understatement.

Silhouette Titan Harmony Nylor features:

− Highly flexible and super light framewear
− Frames made from high-tech titanium and SPX+ for unsurpassed wearing comfort
− Ergonomic, perfectly fitting tips
− 3 lens shapes in a variety of 4 colours each
− Screwless, maintenance-free designer hinge
− Light as a feather: 4,71 grams

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