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Heidelberg launches Spectralis glaucoma module premium edition with red, amber, green signals for glaucoma referral

January 2014

SPECTRALIS Glaucoma Signals™, a simple, easy to use, traffic light signal system of red for outside of normal limits, amber for borderline, and green for normal, is the latest guidance tool in glaucoma management from SPECTRALIS OCT provider Heidelberg Engineering.

After years of international research the Heidelberg Engineering Glaucoma Module Premium Edition has been launched in the UK to further enhance the advanced diagnostic capabilities of the SPECTRALIS OCT.

“This software enhancement to the SPECTRALIS makes the use of OCT immediately accessible to every practice’s clinical comfort zone, clearly indicating if the rim of the optic nerve head is normal, borderline, or outside of normal limits. It brings a new level of confidence to making referrals. A practice can be up and running with OCT immediately for early diagnosis and comprehensive management of glaucoma, while gradually implementing other OCT applications,” said Krysten Wiliams, General Manager, Heidelberg Engineering UK.

With readings achieved in less than a minute, the semi-automated multi-scan is a fast, efficient, way of any practice adding to its diagnostic armoury, believes Heidelberg Engineering.

Developed by a team of international glaucoma specialists the software to aid accuracy of referrals is using a new measurement for diagnosis –

“Practitioners can be confident in SPECTRALIS Glaucoma Signals™ because it is based on more specific and sensitive measurements that aide the early detection of glaucoma, based upon clinical studies over a number of years,” added Krysten.

“As with any new technology OCT can be an overwhelming tool to master, but this easy signal system means a practice can gain a very real advantage from the SPECTRALIS OCT immediately, while gradually learning about other applications of the technology in everyday practice.”

SPECTRALIS Glaucoma Signals™ traffic light signalling system has been implemented within the new Glaucoma Module Premium Edition.  It is based upon research of Professor Claude Burgoyne of Devers Eye Institute, Oregon; and Professor Balwantray Chauhan of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  It is currently being trialled at Moorfield’s Eye Hospital, London, by Professor Ted Garway Heath.

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