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Connect programme makes space-age technology accessible

March 2014

SPECTRALIS OCT advanced imaging technology becomes an even more attractive option for High Street practices with the launch of enhancements to the SPECTRALIS Connect Programme at Optrafair London.

“We are taking this to a new level at Optrafair with enhancements to the 18-month rental scheme; a five year interest-free finance option; as well as the online community; certification programme and a host of new marketing tools,” said Heidelberg Engineering UK Director, Krysten Williams.

“We believe that in five years’ time the majority of independent practices will have an OCT. Investing in an upgradeable platform that can grow with your business, adding functionality as it becomes relevant, makes good business sense.  Insisting on technology that offers the highest level of accuracy and reproducibility will allow you to diagnose and refer with confidence. Improved patient outcomes are the bottom line.

“Our risk-free rental scheme and interest-free finance option, both feature extended warranties. The online community is widely valued and recent additions to the marketing materials include a three minute patient video, patient website and educational leaflets for recall, plus a pull-up graphic for in-practice use,” she added.

Most significantly, the Connect Programme facilitates access to the SPECTRALIS Connect Certification Programme. Designed to raise the standard of education, and making the most of multi-modality imaging, the certification confirms a level of knowledge and skill. The new Peer Review element to user training is extremely popular, sharing knowledge and learning from the experience of colleagues, believes Heidelberg Engineering.

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