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Shamir introduces a new bifocal lens

April 2014

Shamir DUO™ is a new Freeform bifocal lens that does away with the age-related visible line, as well as the visually uncomfortable jump between vision zones.

Shamir Duo offers a uniquely aesthetic appearance, improving the way the wearer looks, as well as improving the way they see.

Shamir DuoFlat-top bifocals are a popular conventional solution for presbyopic needs, but they are not without their drawbacks. The visible line across the lens gives the wearer a decidedly age-related look. In addition, it creates a disturbing visual jump when the eye moves from one visual zone to another. Always looking for ways to improve visual acuity and comfort, Shamir set out to address these issues, resulting in a lens with a new visual harmony, Shamir Duo.

An advanced Freeform lens, Shamir Duo offers surface continuity, eliminating the visible line. It also offers optical continuity, eliminating the image jump and loss of image. It maintains a natural, distortion free visual path as the eye moves from one vision zone to another.

In addition to improved appearance as well as improved vision, Shamir Duo offers other important advantages. Flat-top bifocals limit the type of lens materials and treatments that can be used, allowing less versatility and offering patients fewer choices. Now, bringing with it all the benefits of Freeform lenses, Shamir Duo lends itself to a variety of materials, tints and coatings and is also suitable for sunglasses.

ECPs can enhance their differentiation, offering this new generation of bifocal lens at an attractive price, while their customers will no longer need to compromise either on appearance or on visual comfort.

Shamir Duo is available to order from Monday 14th April 2014.

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