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HOYA updates digital catalogue

June 2014

HOYA introduces several updates to their digital catalogue launched earlier in 2014. With this new catalogue HOYA have enhanced their current product range to include NEW Sensity photochromic lenses, NEW UV Control anti-reflective coating, NEW HOYA Mirror coatings, NEW stock items including Hi-Vision LongLife BlueControl and increased ranges. The new catalogue is available now on or email for your copy.

Sensity lenses with Stabilight Technology take photochromics to a new level. Stabilight Technology ensures Sensity lenses perform consistently in all climates, all seasons and all circumstances. Not only do they darken to an attractive category 3 sun lens tint faster than ever before: they also quickly fade back to full clarity as soon as the ambient light intensity diminishes. During these rapid transitions, total UV protection remains in place. As a result, Sensity provides the highest user convenience as well as the best protection. Find out more at

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