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Lens specialist Rodenstock launches stylish mirror coatings with special introductory prices

June 2014

Rodenstock is helping opticians appeal to young and trendy customers this summer with the launch of a range of cool mirror coatings, together with special introductory prices.

The coatings, also available in all Rodenstock Complete Spectacle Collections, come in five attractive colour shades. Available on plano and prescription orders in 1.6 index, the stunning Viola Mirror, Bronze Mirror, Titanium Mirror and Blue Mirror include a co-ordinating tint, while Silver Moon, which is available in 1.5, 1.6 (including 1.6 ColorMatic IQ® Sun) and 1.67, can be applied to any Rodenstock tint above 35% abs.

All the mirror coatings come with superior back surface Super AR Coating, Solitaire® Protect Sun, preventing any disturbing reflections for the wearer.

Debbie Bathgate, Rodenstock’s Lens Product Manager, says: “Mirror lenses are really on trend this season with celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Beyonce, Brad Pitt and Gwen Stefani all sporting the look.

“Our mirror coatings enable opticians to offer their customers sunglasses that are not just fashionable and great looking but also provide better vision thanks to Rodenstock’s innovative sun lens technology which combines high quality and style with perfect protection and durability.

“The launch of our new mirror coatings coincides with the launch of Rodenstock’s self-tinting ColorMatic IQ® Sun, the ultimate intelligent sun protection lens, adapting at the speed of lightning to all light conditions and darkening continuously up to 90%,” says Debbie.

“ColorMatic IQ® Sun lenses lighten down to 55% and come in six attractive colours: Fashion Grey, Fashion Green and Fashion Brown, perfect for trendsetters and the fashion conscious; and Contrast Orange, Contrast Green and Contrast Brown for sports fans and outdoor types.

“In addition, the new Solitaire® Protect Sun premium finish for tinted lenses provides excellent aesthetics for 1.6 and 1.67 index materials with any Rodenstock tint. A natural tint impression on front surface due to colourless Single AR coating is combined with no disturbing reflections for the wearer thanks to superior back surface Super AR coating.”

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