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Kirk & Kirk announce the release of their debut collection, Vivarium

September 2014

The collection will be first seen at Silmo 2014.

The collection is inspired by the Victorian obsession with science and nature and each frame is named after a celebrated scientist of the era.

The eyewear is made from acrylic which affords it a unique colour palette and makes the frames exceptionally light to wear. The finish is lustrous metallic in hues of blue, bordeaux, anthracite, brown, green and silver and each frame is decorated with a specially designed animal pin in either 925 sterling silver or 9 carat gold.

The pins sit proud of the frame so have a ‘third dimension’ and their under-statement necessitates a second look.

Creative Director, Karen Kirk, said, “We wanted to create something unique, something that would surprise our audience but at the same time be easy to wear. It is one thing to create a frame that stands out from the crowd but an altogether different challenge to make it sellable for the optician.”

The sunglass collection, Solarium, is comprised of four acrylic shapes in six metallic colours and uses beautiful, graduated mirror lenses. Once more there is a choice of animal sterling silver or gold pins, alongside the classic modernist pins.

The frames are handmade in France while the jewellery pins have been designed by Karen Kirk and crafted in England.

“We are extremely excited to be launching this debut collection in Paris,” said Jason Kirk. “We have had amazing industry support, for which we are very grateful, and have assembled a superb team to communicate our ideas.”

“This last year has been an exciting one for us,” added Jason. “ We have had the opportunity to work for and with other companies, designing collections, offering sales and marketing strategy advice and generally taking a step back from our own business to take a broader overview of the optical arena. We have experienced and learnt a huge amount.”

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