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NEW 3D Prescription spectacle lenses from the Norville Group

September 2014

As an industry we have been discussing the possibility of adding 3D to prescription lenses for a number of years now without realising this option. So Norville Group is pleased to be able to offer a full suite of passive circular polarised 3D lens types to Rx.

3d prescription NorvilleSome years ago, it was all about 3D movies and 3DTV, predominantly driven by electronic shutter spectacles. Roll on to today and 3D cinema has not gone away but most 3DTV platforms now incorporate passive 3D technology, allowing purchasers the chance of multiple pairs of cheaper 3D specs.

"Whilst we are sure our prescription option, developed in conjunction with British engineering team P3D, has entertainment market appeal, here at Norville we are particularly interested in specialist 3D lens supply to the emerging 3D design industries", said a spokesman from Norville.

There has been an explosion in the number of 3D computer-graphic developers and new gaming platforms, either in development or already hitting the market.  3D architecture visualisation has transformed the way buildings are made today, allowing for greater accuracy and the opportunity for customers to view designs in a realistic format. As an essential part of modern design, 3D technology is similarly used by structural and MEP engineers.

Prescription 3D lenses eliminate the need for fussy clip-ons or over-specs, and for those in the business of 3D design a must have permanent prescription solution. Why not have this convenient solution glazed in to everyday frames, with a UV block up to 395nm; these 3D polarisers can even double up as glare-reducing sunglasses!

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