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New frames from the house of Christian Lacroix

Confident Shapes, Unique Colours and Handmade Luxury

Mondottica’s newest optical creations for Christian Lacroix are luxurious in every detail.  From quilted leather inset into metal, to confident laminations of bespoke designed acetates, exclusively developed with Mazzuchelli. The season’s iconic prints are cleverly transferred onto crystal acetate and covered in deep rich colours, the result is an exotic botanical print hidden within the frame, when cut away the ‘Exo-chic’ interior is revealed.

Christian LacroixCL3040

here the quilted leather story features, the signature Lacroix chevron design is brought out in the tip shape and the paseo print, so long a signature of the collection, is softly engraved into the inside of the temples.


features the ‘Exo-chic’ pattern inset into a crystal layer of acetate.  The cut away baroque elements reveal this full colour print hidden within the heart of the frame.

Christian LacroixCL1051 and 1052

explore the lamination story, tops of frames are laminated with colours uniquely developed and only available in Christian Lacroix eyewear.  The chevron story repeats but this time through the strong colour contrasts in the lamination of temples.

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