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Biolutein promoted in new Bausch + Lomb eye health supplement

November 2015

Ocuvite® BioLutein from one of the world leaders in eye health supplementation - Bausch + Lomb - is launched this month.  Joining the Bausch + Lomb portfolio of Ocuvite Complete and Ocuvite Lutein, the supplements form an important aspect of additional practice sales, believes the company.

“Ocuvite Biolutein contains the highest amount of Lutein of any products in the Ocuvite range.  Lutein is naturally found in the macular pigment of the eye making it crucial to the eye’s health.  The macular pigment plays a key role in protecting the eye protection against light-induced retinal damage and interest in supplementation is certainly growing from some of those most at risk,” said Valerie Steiner, Bausch + Lomb OTC Marketing Manager.

Ocuvite BioLutein contains all of the groups of essential nutrients investigated by the landmark Age Related Eye Disease Studies (AREDS I&II) – omega3 fatty acids, antioxidants and zinc, plus lutein and zeazanthin.

“The formulation of the easy to swallow soft capsules provides essential elements at safe levels. They are ideal for people who may not always eat healthily and for those who are concerned about maintaining good macular health and central vision,” added Valerie.

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