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X-IDE proclaimed as  the biggest news in frame materials this season introducing a noble material in the collection: 100% titanium

November 2014

The result is 4 exclusive styles that are ultra-light, extremely clean and linear yet solid, strong and flexible. By opting for an exclusive OBE titanium hinge with a stellar joint that uses the “TORX T3” system, the creative team at Immagine98 has been able to create all-titanium frames.

With Ione, Molecola, Atomo and Elettrone, X-IDE  has succeeded in winning the challenge to create a unique product that melds design, materials and comfort. As always, with X-IDE’s signature taste and colors are prominent.

X-IDE Titanium is so light you always want to wear it: it’s elastic, non-allergenic and extremely high-tech.

Strongly aware of its identity, X-IDE will be taking a mature, complete collection that has been studied down to the smallest detail as always, but giving extra attention to its target market.
For some seasons now, the age range of the X-IDE public has been expanding. It’s not just young people and young adults who are choosing X-IDE but so are children from the age of 8 up, as well as a more mature public: young adults who have chosen X-IDE ever since it first debuted and are now grown-up, and their children.

Various concepts are embedded in the new X-IDE collection: bespoke projects for all ages. Everything, of course, is done with the stylistic touch of X-IDE: colors, combinations of materials, a focus on details, design and top quality.

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