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Rodenstock extends introductory offer on revolutionary new lens

November 2014

Rodenstock is extending its special introductory offer on what’s being hailed as the company’s best ever lens, following huge demand from customers.

Opticians can now get all Impression FreeSign® 3 lenses at the same list price as the equivalent Impression 2 until the end of 2014. The lens, which was launched in September after five years of research and development, was created using Rodenstock’s patented Flexible Design Technology and provides unrestricted clear vision, maximum image stability, and minimum distortion.

Rodenstock’s Lens Product Manager, Debbie Bathgate, says: “We’ve made it really easy for opticians to perfectly adapt the Impression FreeSign® 3 to the personal requirements of even their most demanding customer.

Swimming effects that are typical of a progressive lens are finally a thing of the past and the peripheral aberrations can be positioned in such a way that the customer will hardly know they are wearing spectacles.”

In addition to the Individual design option, Impression FreeSign® 3 comes in three easy-to-dispense design types to suit different lifestyles:

• Impression FreeSign® 3 Active – matched specifically to the visual behaviour and requirements of customers who take part in dynamic activities, with extremely high image stability as well as large vision zones for far and medium distances
• Impression FreeSign® 3 Allround – developed for those who want equally balanced visual zones for near, intermediate and far vision in any situation, whether it’s reading, cooking or driving
• Impression FreeSign® 3 Expert – for those who want smooth vision at all distances, especially in the intermediate range. Particularly suited to those who, for example, travel a lot and frequently work on a laptop

Rodenstock is offering three modern tools to enable opticians to make consulting easy and effective so that customers can find the perfect progressive lens solution in the shortest possible time.
With the FreeSign® 3 Consulting module in Rodenstock Consulting, opticians can offer customers an interactive experience where the wearer specifies their vision requirements based on images onscreen. The Virtual Consulting App allows opticians to simulate the view through an Impression FreeSign® 3; while Rodenstock’s new EyeConsulting+ 2.0 app can determine a customer’s refraction values with different tests, paying special attention to far and near refraction.

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