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Biotrue oneday extension wins favour with emerging presbyopes

December 2014

Emerging presbyopes have welcomed the new Biotrue® ONEday for Presbyopia lens from Bausch + Lomb, praising the comfort factor.

The three zone progressive design, coupled with the new patented Hypergel™ material, is keeping patients in contact lenses when they would have previously expected to switch to glasses believes the company. With near, intermediate and distance vision zones, the power range is plano to -6.00d for minus powers, plano to +3.00d, with an add value for early presbyopes needing correction up to +1.50d.  

Andrew Brent, Optometrist at Robson Opticians – an independent in the heart of Newcastle city centre – praised the lens:

“If I have someone wanting a daily disposable multifocal and they fit within the parameters, then it is my first choice of lens.  If fitted correctly I am having a very positive response: Ultimately, I think it must be the combination of the new material and the lens design.  This makes me feel very confident about fitting the lens.  Many patients rule out contact lenses when they need reading help and it is good to show them that this is not the case.  We have great confidence in the whole brand and for me this is the best one for early presbyopes.”

For many active people this is the new lens of choice, believes Sunny Sidhu, Trainee Optometrist at the family practices in Bracknell and Maidenhead –

“For certain patients the lens works very well.  For 45-55 year olds, and especially golfers, it is proving to be a very useful lens – this is certainly the market,” he said.

Wendy Sethi, FBDO CL, Bausch + Lomb Professional Services Consultant, explained -

“This new material has the potential to impact dramatically on drop-out rates.  We know we are winning the market growth challenge when we combine comfort with good vision. Silicone hydrogel was introduced in 1999 and has solved some of the barriers to contact lens wear but not all of them.  It certainly has high oxygen transmissibility but for some there is still an issue with comfort. The attraction of lipid deposits can sometimes be an issue too,” said Wendy.

The need for a material which addresses the barriers to wear for some patients has been met by Hypergel, now used in the Biotrue™ ONEday contact lens family, say Bausch + Lomb.  Moving away from silicone, the new material has many advantages –

“The lens has oxygen flux of 93%, higher than any other non-silicon hydrogel lenses, and is hugely comfortable to wear.  Water stays within the lens due to the inherent characteristics of the material,” added Wendy.

Designed to provide maximum comfort and consistent optics, Hypergel mimics the natural properties of the eye. Matching the 78% water content of the cornea and mimicking the lipid layer of the tear film, it is the next step in preventing dehydration and maintaining consistent optics.

In trials, Bausch + Lomb found that just 1.5% of the 78% water content is lost in 16 hours of wear, significantly less than many other lenses on the market  –

“This is going to have an impact on comfort and the visual acuity as the lens changes shape. Studies have shown this new lens provides comfort and good vision for far longer than many others.”

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