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Soothing eye mask set to enhance practice sales

December 2014

Partying and late nights can play havoc with the quest for bright, clear, eyes and so Bausch + Lomb is keen to promote seasonal sales of its re-useable Eye-ssential® mask.  It is also suitable for a Christmas gift item for all age groups.

The patented Thera Pearl® technology delivers a choice of hot or cold therapy, following freezing or microwaving for the preferred treatment.   Soft on the skin, this non-toxic covered mask retains the desired temperature for up to 20 minutes. The pliable, face hugging, shape fits securely without leaks or drips.

An attractive and easy to use option for many patients, it is competitively priced with a RRP of £7.99, believes Bausch + Lomb OTC Marketing Manager, Valerie Steiner,  “Our Eye-ssential® mask can provide some excellent seasonal sales when marketed well in the practice, but it is not just for post-party eyes.  It is a valuable extra tool in the armoury of treatments for dry eye, blepharitis, MGD and puffy eyes. Patients who report tension headaches may also find relief through use of the chilled mask,” said Valerie.

When hot, the mask encourages blood flow and healing, providing soothing relief from MGD, dry eye symptoms, styes and blepharitis.  The mask’s ice therapy constricts blood flow and slows swelling relieving tension headaches, sinus pain, dry eyes, allergies and puffy eyes.

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