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Heidelberg Engineering launches new software upgrade

December 2014

Faster image acquisition and more intuitive analysis are key features of the new Heidelberg Engineering SPECTRALIS 6.00 OCT software. The free download reinforces the benefits of this technology being an upgradeable platform, believes the company.

Marking a significant step, the upgrade allows SPECTRALIS users to interrogate and gain more information from both new and previously taken scans, providing full segmentation of the retinal layers and longitudinal section analysis for a top down view.

Christopher Mody, Heidelberg Engineering Clinical Programme Manager, explained “For those with a retinal interest the new software includes transverse section analysis and multi-layer segmentation.  This multi-layer segmentation includes ten different thickness maps - for all retinal layers. We believe this is the only commercially available means of segmenting GCL and IPL. This really demonstrates the benefit of investing in an upgradeable OCT platform.”

Transverse section analysis provides the clinician with a birds-eye view of the retinal layers. Both new and previously taken scans of the retina are segmented into individual retinal layers, which can then be viewed from top to bottom. This allows for visualisation of the extent of pathology across the retina, which when combined with OCT sections through the retina, provides a comprehensive analysis of the health of the eye.  The transverse section analysis allows -

• Extent of the pathologies view
• Access to information on the integrity of specific layers
• Highlighting of specific patterns
• Visualisation of outer retinal tabulation
• Outer retinal tabulation seen in later stages of Wet AMD

Improved network stability and user account management are important upgrades to the system, believes Heidelberg Engineering.  Windows 7 compatible, the upgrade comes with a comprehensive tutorial, highlighting access to information on the integrity of specific layers.

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