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MyWoodi, wooden eyewear for everyone

January 2015

MyWoodi is an extraordinary new collection of wooden eyewear debuted at Opti Munich show last week.

WooDone say that Color, personality and an unbeatable price are key to describing the new brand. 

MyWoodi originated at WooDone, already widely-recognized around the world for its eponymous collection of wooden eyewear, and known for its superior quality and craftsmanship. With MyWoodi, entrepreneurs Klaus Tavella and Thomas Oberegger, and their new partner Alexander Fischnaller, intend to revolutionize the market for wooden eyewear, making it accessible to everyone. A challenge that was successfully tackled.

After a year of trials and prototypes, the MyWoodi team constructed a wooden frame crafted by machines custom-engineered for this job. Manufactured in Italy, using wood from around the world, MyWoodi eyewear features a clean, linear style that is ultra-modern and extremely cool. The light, playful and totally tasteful wooden eyewear is priced aggressively, placing it within range of everyone’s budget.

Featured in the first collection are 12 styles - 5 sun wear and 7 vision wear - in 6 different types of wood and colors. Composed of eight layers of wood, their exciting chromatic nuances are fresh and fashionable. Sixty processing phases, 15 of which are carried out by hand, yield a feather-light product that weighs in at 13 grams (less than half an ounce). An invisible side hinge completes the whole.

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