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Experience the New “Skin of Colors” Collection by Okia

January 2015

Two keywords for this amazing collection: trend and boldness! “Skin of Colors” is colourful, original and extravagant, perfect for those people who love to push the boundaries of ordinary style.

Animal prints are one of the hottest fashion trends ever and keep on inspiring OKIA designers. The new “Skin of Colors” collection offers an unexpected combination of animal patterns and brilliant colours, expressly conceived for the most demanding and stylish women. Peacock, leopard, crocodile, giraffe and snake - animals embodying pure seduction, charm and elegance - are just some of the proposed concepts.

The animal patterns are realized on the frames’ temples by means of both HDA® Technology and BMT (Beautiful Metallic Touch) technique, a special application which allows ultra-sharp cutting for all patterns and gives them an illuminated metallic effect. In addition, the use of SY technique makes even the tiniest detail perfect, combining innovation and quality into pure luxury.

Let the animal spirits inspire your look! Wear the brand new “Skin of Colors” models by OKIA!

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