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B+L Offers Relief from Dry, Uncomfortable, Eyes

January 2015

Environmentally caused dry eye symptoms, or irritated eyes, can now be treated with two new preservative-free options from leading eye care product provider Bausch + Lomb.
Available in single use vials or as a pump action 10ml bottle Biotrue® Rewetting Drops, and Vidisan® single dose units both provide relief for a variety of symptoms for busy people on the go.

“Vidisan®, retailing for £6.99, is designed to provide gentle soothing relief for eyes of all ages that are irritated by wind, dust, pollution, swimming and pollen.  The extract of Euphrasia gently calms irritation and, in hand with this, the solution contains Povidone, a polymer which enables a protective film to form on the eye’s surface,” said Valerie Steiner, B+L OTC Marketing Manager.

Biotrue® Rewetting Drops is the formula promoted for contact lens wearers, with a RRP of £6.49 for the single use vials. Other patients may prefer the pump action bottle which has a six month shelf life after opening and retails for £9.49.

“This can provide instant relief and natural hydration for dry and tired eyes, especially caused by prolonged computer use, air conditioning and flying.  Based on Hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in the eye and tear film, it provides comfort for long periods,” added Valerie.

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