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Shamir, Taking Their Attitude One Step Further

January 2015

Introducing Two New Prescription Sunwear Lenses: Shamir Attitude III® Sport & Fashion

Designed to fit a wide range of frames - large or small, flat or wraparound - Shamir's new lenses are suitable for every type of sport and an active modern lifestyle.

In their latest innovation, Shamir have taken their already successful Shamir Attitude® lens and developed two unique new lenses, one for sport and the other for fashion. Keeping in line with their long term goal to create personalized lenses, the design of these two new lenses addresses the visual needs of sport and fashion prescription sunwear in a wide range of frames.

The new Attitude III® Sport & Fashion lenses have vision zones that are especially suited for any lifestyle or activity, be it extreme sports or an outdoor coffee with friends, and expanded peripheral vision specifically designed for large frames. To complete the solution, the Attitude III® SV provides a perfect solution for those requiring single vision prescription sunwear.

Other benefits include an extended range of base curve and face-form angles, Shamir's Glacier Sun™ coating package with Achromatic AR coating for the front surface and Anti UV reflection coating for the rear surface, impact resistant and high index materials, as well as a wide range of tints and filters - so all that is left is to CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE.

With unique benefits for sport and fashion, Attitude III® Sport & Fashion lenses incorporate Shamir's four most advanced technologies:

Eye-Point Technology III®, improving the viewing experience regardless of prescription or choice of frame; Natural Posture™, minimizing discomfort and allowing for a natural near viewing posture; IntelliCorridor™, providing an optimal power profile specifically for sports and fashion; and As-Worn Quadro™, ensuring complete viewing comfort for any frame shape.

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