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Okia takes you to outer space with “glitter stars”!

January 2015

Galaxy prints are a fashion’s hot new trend. From nails and make-up colors to prints found in clothing, stylists and designers would like to create real “down to Mars” girls.

The new “Glitter Stars” collection launched by OKIA meets this increasing interest towards outer planets and the universe through extraordinary HDA® patterns that evoke a sparkling galaxy.

Combining different acetate layers and metallic colors with controlled geometry or random motifs, “Glitter Stars” frames create the sensational effect of a sky full of shining stars. Thanks to CSB (Crazy Sparkling Beauty) technique, precious glitter decorations meet the acetate patterns producing a brilliant 3D outcome.

“Glitter Stars” represents another extraordinary success reached by OKIA through the application of the sensational HDA® Technology. This well-known patented technology allows infinite possibilities in terms of creativity and design, translating every kind of inspirational pattern on acetate sheets. Thanks to HDA® Technology, unconventional galactic patterns are shown on acetate to make your look truly unique.

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