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OKO CAC Collection for Men

January 2015

THE OKO MAN, says my number one is chic-my number two is modern and my number three is elegant.

The result is an optical line 100% masculine to be shown at 100% next week.

OKO by OKO Paris, are well known for designer optical frames with a pure and elegant design, and so distinctive look– signed by the design offices of the brand. But we have not been made aware of the fashion and glamour side of the brand which is to be unveiled at 100%. This new optical CAC collection for men will delight of course the followers of designer frames which have character and style. Designer, yes, but affordable for all!

What are its characteristics?

Ultra-thin and ultra-light, this optical CAC collection creates a surprise and gets unveiled and undressed in two steps : first with the outside frame made of acetate, whose plates are exclusively chosen by and for the OKO by OKO house – then with the skull of the frame, visible in transparency made of surgical steel with crossing rivets giving it a mono-bloc character frame.  

This laminating process has allowed to realize an ultra-thin acetate work and also to use unexpected colours to get a high quality finishing – an ultra-thin result that we could only obtain so far with injected moulded frames.

OKO by OKO doesn't stop to surprise through its creations always more innovative, through its designs always more crazy and through its colour combinations always more delirious. 

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