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Shamir launches its line of five new Shamir Glacier™ lens coatings with innovative features

February 2015

For optimal protection of lenses and visual health, Shamir Optical Industry has developed a new innovative line of lens coatings based on its premium coating, Shamir Glacier™. Guaranteed not to wear off or scratch, stain or smudge, and keep lenses free of distracting reflections, the new line offers the most comprehensive UV protection, along with additional unique features for a range of needs and uses. 

Shamir Optical Industry Ltd. invested extensive research in developing a range of lens coatings that ensure optimal visual comfort, while providing maximum protection for the eyes as well as the lenses.
Shamir Glacier Plus™ UV offers everything that’s needed in a lens coating. It is scratch-resistant, water and oil resistant, and its anti-static properties repel dust. Aside from being easier than ever to keep clean, its anti-reflective properties eliminate distracting glare. That means visual clarity and comfort, long term. In addition, it offers the eyes the most comprehensive UV protection available, by blocking both incoming and rear surface reflected rays.

Shamir Glacier™ Achromatic UV includes all the properties of Shamir Glacier Plus UV, with a unique difference. This coating is crystal clear, with not a hint of residual colour, allowing a totally natural look. Ideal for TV presenters and film stars, it keeps eyes clearly visible and bright.

Shamir Glacier Blue-Shield™ UV was developed for visual protection in our modern world. Increasing levels of artificial light in the environment exposes the eye to HEV (High Energy Visible) light, also known as blue light, which can damage the retina and increase risk of macular degeneration and other ocular diseases. In addition to providing comprehensive, double-sided UV protection, Shamir Glacier Blue-Shield deflects fives time more blue light than any existing conventional lens coating. A clear coating, it affords comfortable vision in any environment and reduces eyestrain while preserving visual health.

Shamir Glacier Sun™ UV was developed for sunglass lenses. Offering all the comprehensive double-sided UV protection, anti-reflection and durability properties of the Glacier line, this coating also ensures that the chosen tint of the sunglasses will remain unchanged and be protected from fading.

Shamir Glacier™ Anti-Fog consists of different coatings on the front and rear surfaces of the lens. Specially developed for wraparound sports frames, the rear surface layer has a unique anti-fog feature that prevents fogging from heat trapped behind the lens during strenuous activity. Leaving the tint of sunglass lenses unchanged and protected from fading, this coating can also be applied to clear lenses for indoor sports.

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