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UltraVision launch KeraSoft Thin

March 2015

Now there is Ultra-thin specialist contact lens for Keratoconus and Irregular Corneas!

Kerasoft thinKeraSoft® Thin, the latest innovative addition to UltraVision CLPL’s highly successful specialist range of KeraSoft® contact lenses, is designed to fit all irregular corneas, including post-refractive surgery, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration (PMD) and other corneal irregularities. The main ocular health benefit of KeraSoft® Thin is a reduced centre thickness (0.20CT), which increases oxygen permeability and improves comfort. KeraSoft® Thin is ideal for corneas where reverse geometry is required or maximum oxygen transmission is the main point of concern.

The ocular health benefits of KeraSoft® Thin mean most patients suffering with any type of irregular cornea are able to attain high levels of comfort and vision. KeraSoft® Thin incorporates wavefront optics and can be fully tailored to meet the needs of the individual eye. The lens is available in a choice of two materials: a 3-month 74% water content SiH material, and a durable annual lens in a high water content 77% hydrogel material. With the recent increase in post-refractive surgery, KeraSoft® Thin ticks all the boxes for health, optics, comfort and ease of fitting.

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