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Essilor Sun Solution: New Offer and New Identity and a Desire to Shine

April 2015

After presenting at Mido this year Essilor’s new offering of products and customized services for Sunwear Brands, ESSILOR ® SUN SOLUTION TM is to make a step forward presenting its new web-site and new logo, mixing its “Sun focus” and the “E for Essilor” as a symbol of the willingness of the Essilor Group to strengthen its position in the sun lens business, and become a key player at the service of the industry.

Gathering the best of Essilor initiatives on the Sunwear market, ESSILOR SUN SOLUTION will offer – in addition to its core business : sun lens production and distribution – a range of fully customized sun solutions that stem from more than 30 years of research in the sector and leverage the Essilor Group R&D resources to bring innovative and performing new products.

The collections of sun lenses (plano and sun Rx) presented by ESSILOR SUN SOLUTION stands out for their high standards of quality and innovation in the key market segments of fashion, lifestyle, sport and performance.

The range has been subdivided into five categories: Sport & Performance, Protection, Fashion & Lifestyle, Vision and Prescription. Within the five categories, specific lens formulations have been studied to provide optimal solutions for various optical needs. The designs start from the needs of the user, considering the frame designs, specifying the optical requirements, and ending with the selection of the most appropriate sun lens.

Their lenses with their proprietary NXT® material, in polycarbonate, CR-39® or APX®-Nylon – are available in traditional or personalized colours and can be specified with further enhancements, including photochromic, polarization, melanin and Vision+, a special treatment enhancing the colours’ perception.

In Sport and Performance, POLARFUN™ polarized lenses are synonymous with optimum vision thanks to an anti-glare treatment, crisp colour perception and excellent scratch resistance. Offering high UVA/UVB protection and polarizing efficiency, they guarantee excellent comfort and are perfectly adapted to any sports activity. They are also available in prescription sun.

For Fashion and Lifestyle, technology and protection are interpreted according to the latest fashion trends. ESSILOR SUN SOLUTION are designed for fashion brand eyewear, with lenses in CR-39®, APX®-Nylon or NXT® from custom colours gradients to beauty enhancer coatings. Haute-Couture design, Mirror deco lenses express the Italian lifestyle with a “Made in Italy” branding reflecting manufacturing quality.

With production facilities in Europe and Asia, ESSILOR SUN SOLUTION will continue operating and distributing its products worldwide through three main logistics centers in France, Italy and Hong Kong, and its world-wide sales team.

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