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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, July - September 2015

Waterside Extends Specialist Capabilities with Shape Finder

New optical solution to protect eyes from harmful blue light and digital eye strain

WES GORDON, NYC designer for Silhouette

"marimekko" Collection announced by Mondottica


Blackfin announce presence at SILMO 2015

Look ahead to a creative Season S/S 16 with Zoobug Sunglasses

SILHOUETTE extends ‘URBAN LITE’ Range with New Colours and Shapes for 2016


New Duck & Cover Catalogue unfolds with 28 new models

Norville focuses on its extensive range of High Index Bifocals

Grafton Optical are "Cooling their prices" this Summer


Anna Sui presents Bohemian artistry in spectacle frames


Silhouette fits a legend

The painful symptoms of eye conditions, including Blepharitis and Dry Eye Disease, can be relieved safely

Progear Expand into Watersports

SRX10 Headstrap Goggle

MyWoodi Introduces Madrid and Amsterdam Optical Styles

AREA98 announces COCO SONG to be directly distributed in THE UK

Oliver Goldsmith goes back to basics with new PHOTOGRAPH Collection

Waterside Extends Specialist Capabilities with Shape Finder

September 2015

Waterside Labs is extending its specialist glazing capabilities with the installation of a new Shape Finder 2.0 scanner.

Shape Finder at Waterside LabsThe company has recently taken delivery of this cutting edge system at its Headquarters in Southampton and Waterside’s customers have already begun to put it to the test with orders for specialist and complex lens requirements.

Bob Forgan, Managing Director Waterside Labs says: “The acquisition of the Shape Finder 2.0 is a logical move for Waterside. We specialise in offering the different and unusual in order to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and give our independent optician customers a point of difference. With this new piece of lab equipment we can not only expand our bespoke lens service but we can also provide our customers with an even more efficient fulfillment process - which, they in turn can pass on to their customers.”

The Shape Finder 2.0 scanner is an addition to Waterside’s new EzFit edger, which was recently launched by Italian equipment manufacturer MEI.

It has been designed to increase functionality and allows the EzFit to prepare the edging process for sport and special-requirement lenses.

Shape finder is a scanning system based on a specific optical system designed to avoid all typical distortion given by any standard camera system. The camera lens set and the lighting system have been designed to emphasize the edge profile, to eliminate the perspective effects and field distortion. Detection of the lens edge, and any holes or notches, is automatically found on any lens type (clear, mirrored, polarized, etc.).

The Tecnocam software includes a new function, which allows the capture of the camera image and the extraction of the different shapes starting from the outer main shape and the conversion to a TRX file.

Bob explains: “Attention to detail and a personalised speedy efficient service are priorities for us and Shape Finder 2.0 delivers on all fronts. It shortens the time needed to import the unusual lens shape significantly and accuracy is vastly improved. In addition to this the camera system gets a TRX or OMA file with a few very simple steps, reducing the need for edging tests and size and shape adjustments.’

New optical solution to protect eyes from harmful blue light and digital eye strain launched by Adlens

September 2015


Adlens®, the global leader in adjustable focus eyewear, has announced a second version of Adlens Interface ™, the optical solution that protects eyes from 80% of the most harmful artificial blue light1 emitted by digital screens.

Artificial blue light is a leading cause of digital eye strain, a physical discomfort that can be felt after prolonged exposure to digital screens.

Due to the temporary nature of its symptoms, which include dry eyes, blurred vision, eye fatigue, and headaches, many people do not immediately recognise digital eye strain as a serious issue. However, if left unaddressed it may cause permanent cellular damage to the eye’s retina2 and lower the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep, causing disruption to the circadian rhythm3.

With eyes ill-equipped to look at digital screens for the amount of time habitual users’ demand, Adlens Interface is a protective optical solution.

Its tinted lenses filter out 80% of the most harmful blue light, easing the temporary symptoms of digital eye strain and reducing the chances of long-term damage to the eye.

The new variation has an adjustable dioptre range of 0 to 2.75 to allow even easier focus on computers and hand-held devices, reducing the strain put on muscles in the eye when focusing on screens for extended periods of time.

AdlensDr Karen Fitchett, Director of Product Management at Adlens, said: “We were thrilled with the reaction to Adlens Interface, with patient testimonials commenting on the noticeable reduction of digital eye strain symptoms and improved screen clarity.


“User focussed technologies, including computers, smartphones, and tablets, have placed new demands on our eyes to remain focused for prolonged periods of time. We decided to introduce a second design to simplify focusing on the distances required by digital devices to help reduce the strain and discomfort that eye muscles experience.
Protective eyewear is a growing market. However the price, level of protection from blue light offered, and adjustability make Adlens Interface a unique product that will put it in a strong and attractive position among competitors.”

Adlens Interface with the 0 to 2.75 dioptre range will be available from November 2015.

WES GORDON, NYC designer for Silhouette

September 2015

Wes Gordan for SilhouetteNew for SS16 is a refreshing collaboration between Silhouette eyewear and acclaimed New York designer, Wes Gordon.

The Limited Edition “Wes Gordon for Silhouette” is a special collaboration with New York-based women’s wear designer Wes Gordon. Gordon’s unique vision and emphasis on the finest materials and quality craftsmanship make him an ideal partner for Silhouette. The winner of the FGI Rising Star Award, a two-time finalist in the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, and a three-time recipient of the prestigious Swarovski Collective sponsorship, Gordon now brings his timeless, luxurious sophistication to eyewear.

Wes Gordan for Silhouette

The frames were debuted today at New York Fashion Week, in Gordon's SS16 catwalk show.

The 60’s inspired frames combine high fashion with technology creating a pair of luxury glasses that are some of the lightest in the world. The round frames come in nude brown, classic grey, classic green and ocean blue.

Wes Gordon says, “My collection for Silhouette is designed for confident women who communicate their style with subtle grace and without pretense, who are both feminine and mysterious.”

Gordon joined the Silhouette design team at their studio and factory in Austria to create the unique, ultra-light frames. Combining retro glamour and expressive futurism, the circular frames inspire finesse.

Roland Keplinger, Silhouette’s head of design, noted that both Silhouette and Wes Gordon “possess a deep respect of craftsmanship, a love of highest quality materials, and a driving passion to innovate and create superior product. This shared vision enabled us to bring together our different areas of expertise to create something truly beautiful and also highly functional.”

Available from January 2016

"marimekko" Collection announced by Mondottica

September 2015

Marimekko by Mondottica


A new collection awaits visitors to SILMO 2015.

Modottica have named their new exciting collection "marimekko".

You can see all fashion eye wear and sunglass coleections many especially designed for this year's SILMO event.

Book your tickets and discover the new collections at SILMO 2015

September 25th to 28th in Hall 6 Stand FO52.



September 2015

At Silmo 2015, WestGroupe, the international company known for its unique and superior quality eyewear for the fashion-conscious consumer will unveil the new collections for next season.

Here below a preview of what will be on stage during the eyewear exhibition, which will take place in Paris from 25 to 28 September 2015.

F3547 from the FYSH collection at SILMOThe FYSH UK Collection

Launched in 2006, FYSH UK has become a leading women’s brand for the 30 to 60 age group, who require fashionable styling and a confident air.

Combining key fashion influences with leading European eyewear trends, the beautifully designed frames come in an array of bold colours and intricate patterns.

F-3547: Full rim 2-tone stainless steel frame with a modified cat eye shape and embossed trellis weave design on the temples.

Available colours: Purple Fuchsia, Masala Tangerine, Indigo Lime, Emerald Camel

F3547 from the FYSH collection at SILMO


F-3542: Full rim acetate frame with a modified cat eye shape – all-over integrated lace pattern and scalloped edge along the brow bar.

Available colours: Black Lace, Berry Lace, Olive Lace, Purple Lace

Blackfin announce presence at SILMO 2015 with their new "A/W 2015-16 Collection Preview

September 2015

The Blackfin stand is always worth a visit for its spectacular stand design that compliments its exciting frame range.

Blackfin BF 739Blackfin model BF739 Frazier is a new spectacle frame for women combining hand-crafted techniques with modern design and excellent quality, all the distinguishing features of the Blackfin brand, the titanium eyewear entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, according to the imperatives of "neomadeinitaly".

A special technique has been used in the production of this frame whose milled top rim creates a play of volumes and a contrasting perspective between the front and the rest of the frame.

The choice of a contrasting colour combination further highlights this three-dimensional effect, making it a particularly stylish piece of eyewear.

BF739 is available in different colour combinations: opaque finish grey/fuchsia, dark/light blue, deep purple/pink, and matte dark brown/glossy pink and red/metallic pink.

This amazing range of shades with a choice of primary and secondary colours, deep rich tones or metallic gloss is ideal for women who seek quality and originality in fashion and who, above all, want to express their own personality.

Visit Blackfin at Silmo 2015 - Hall 5A - Booth M 075

Look ahead to a creative Season S/S 16 with Zoobug Sunglasses

August 2015

Zoobug S/S16 Sunglasses

Hold on tight! Zoobug’s S/S 16 children’s sunglass collection, true to the brand’s core values of innovation, design and attention to detail, highlights new pops of bold colour and decorative touches with the introduction of enchanting, child-friendly prints. Six shapes are designed to cater specifically to infants and growing little ones; each model is available in two sizes (0-3 years and 4-9 years) and four to five vibrant colourways.

Zoobug Sunglass SS16

Designed for the utmost comfort throughout the day, in the pram and during busy children’s activities, the smaller infant frames are fitted with a surgical grade silicon saddle, developed by children’s eyewear specialist Dr. Julie Diem Le. Giving support to the child’s nose, this new innovative detail makes the frames secure and ensures eyelashes do not touch the sunglass lenses. Rounded temples also play a part in achieving a comfortable, snug fit over the ears.

Zoobug Sunglass SS16


Styled in line with the latest fashion trends, the multicolored collection introduces lacework prints, miniature checks and diamonds, and nautical stripes. Bold blocked colours contrast with bright white linings and colored end tips in a rainbow of strong, neon tones and pretty pastel shades.

Zoobug Sunglasses SS16


Favourite fashion shapes with individuality and style are typical of Zoobug’s creative flair: the statement Daisy is accompanied by the Round, a circular design with cute narrow bridge, perfect for girls; also featured is a cool flattop, Super, a new acetate Aviator and two wonderful, desirable fashion designs, models Chic and Squarefarer.


SILHOUETTE extends ‘URBAN LITE’ Range with New Colours and Shapes for 2016

August 2015

Silhouette Urbanlite 1562September sees the launch of new colours and shapes for Silhouette’s award winning collection, Urban Lite. Two new Urban Lite shapes have been added:

Mod.1562 - Rounded feminine shape with lifted upper line featured here in two colours: and Mod.2891 – a Masculine Quattro shape

Both styles feature Urban Lite’s outstanding benefits including ultra-thin rims, proven hinge technology, smooth sliding properties and maintenance free durability plus the introduction of integrated nose pads for a selection of the models

The ultra-light and thin full-rim frames weigh in at an incredible 4.1 grams, which is 40% lighter than the average plastics. The benefit of Silhouette’s SPX means that frames keep their shape and colours stay vibrant

Silhouette Urbanlite 1562 in 6060 colour


New colours include Cranberry Red, Oyster Grey and Navy Blue in men’s styles and Ruby Red, Soft Jade, Lilac Blue, Peachy Nude, Fuchsia and Marsala in the women’s frames

The Urban Lite Frame was awarded the renowned IF Design Award for excellent design and outstanding design achievements in 2015

Silhouette is the leading manufacturer of high quality eyewear, with a strong focus on rimless design. Silhouette developed groundbreaking technologies, including its proprietary, lightweight SPX plastic and equally lightweight, patented High Tech Titanium.


August 2015

Safety & Smart fromrom RochesterAfter launching the first and only ANSI Z87+ safety shield for Google Glass in April 2015, Rochester Optical has developed its prescription-ready counterpart and Rx insert available for pre-order immediately.

The Rx-ready shield features easy-mount tabs and offers an optical solution for the two thirds of people who require some sort of vision correction. The launch further establishes Rochester Optical as the industry leader in prescription and safety solutions for smart glasses.

Patrick Ho, CEO of Rochester Optical comments: “The vast majority of industries that can benefit from smart glasses require safety compliance. We fully understand both the power of smart glasses in the workplace and the paramount importance of worker safety, so we’ve made growing our portfolio of smart safety products a priority.”

Google Glass is not safety rated on its own, which makes it impossible for a company to implement at scale in many manufacturing, field service, and other OSHA regulated environments. Rochester’s Rx-ready safety shield provides the protection employees using Google Glass need without excluding those who require prescription glasses.

“The easy-mount tabs are designed with multi-user capability in mind, since we also understand companies may implement smart glasses without giving each employee their own personal device,” Patrick Ho adds. “The insert slides easily in and out, making it possible for one device and shield to be shared by multiple employees with different vision requirements.”

The prescription lenses available for Google Glass are also highly specialized. Smart GOLD™ Lenses (also available for Epson Moverio BT-200, Vuzix® M100 and Recon Jet™) minimize eyestrain and eye fatigue, allowing smart glasses to be comfortably worn for extended periods of time. By creating an additional, optimized optical center where the HUD is viewed and compensating to balance binocular vision, Smart GOLD eliminates prismatic effect and off axis aberrations, providing continuous, comfortable visual acuity.

The Rx-ready safety shield and Rx insert for Google Glass are available for preorder immediately. For more information about the shield, insert and Smart GOLD prescription lenses, or to place an order, contact Rochester’s Smart GOLD customer service at 844-659-4722.

Custom product development inquiries for safety solutions, smart frames and Smart GOLD lenses can contact Patrick Ho directly:

New Duck & Cover Catalogue unfolds with a story of 28 new models, so no need to grouse!

August 2015

Norville have released their 2015 catalogue with a generous 28 new models across both Ophthalmic & Sunwear.

The fresh new models remain true to the spirit of “Ready for Anything”; featuring a mix of metals & plastic, these urban design frames are not fussy but truly reflect the look, feel and trend of the brand.

Duck & Cover 034 C1DC034 – C1
Trendy full rim rectangle eye with metal and plastic mix, flat press metal temples with inset brand logo and tort temple tips. Available in two colour options – Black/Tort and Gun/Black.

Duck & Cover 039 C 1DC039 – C1
Plastic frame with large full rim square eye in classic black with red strip running through centre and inset metal logo plaque on temples. Available in Black.


Duck & Cover 041 C2DC041 – C2
Swan neck plastic temples including inscribed brand name, etched metal stripe detailing on the front. Available in Black and Gunmetal.


Duck & Cover 023 C2DCS023 – C2
Slim line metal frame with etched details on temples and inset brand name. Tort temple tips and spring hinges. Available in Black and Gunmetal – both with grey lens.


Duck & Cover 026 C2DCS026 – C2
A full rim plastic tort frame with oversized eye, metal detailing to front and inset logo plaque on swan neck sides. Available in Black with Grey lens or Tort with Brown lens.


Duck & Cover 021 C1DCS031 – C1
A full rim flat press metal frame with square eye, logo plaque and brand name on temples with plastic temple tips. Available in Black with Grey lens or Antique Gold with Brown lens.


Norville focuses on its extensive range of High Index Bifocals

August 2015

Norlite Flat Top Lens GuideNorville claims to be the UK leading bifocal lens supplier.

Providing even greater cause for such cliams is the announced increase in the available plus power range of n=1.67 Flat Top bifocals now up to +17.00DS in stock additions from +2.00 to +3.50.

Whenever it’s a bifocal that’s needed consider Norville, when it’s a higher power bifocal you’ll need to contact Norville.

Grafton Optical are "Cooling their prices" this Summer

August 2105

Graftons new Sales Catalogue for the Summer



For the month of August Grafton Optical have produced a new catalogue with every item priced to demonstrate the savings you can make.

From Chin rest papers to Wavelens PRO Lensmeter, and Bulbs to Applanation Tonometers and Disposable Heads plus all the consulting room equipment that you use day to day.

Now is the time to check the equipment you have for the best appearance that your customers perceive.

But hurry offers end at the end of August so take a look at whats on offer.


Click to the Grafton page on this site to find out more details. Grafton Optical



August 2015

Blackfin Sun Wear for SailingBlackfin, the brand of titanium eyewear entirely made in Italy, is one of the official sponsors for the Dart18 European Championship, the catamaran championship held from 1 to 7 August at Marina di Grosseto in Tuscany.

Over 150 sailors from 6 different nations are expected to take part in a series of races resulting in the crowning of the number one crew of the Dart18 class of catamarans, designed and built in 1976 in England by Rodney March.

Now in its 29th year, this event aims to establish itself as the benchmark competition for this class of boat within the world of regattas. This year’s event also turns the spotlight on Italy and its world-class contenders in the arts, sport and business.

For the occasion Blackfin will be providing all the top teams in the competition with “Blackfin for DART18 European 2015” a personalised edition of two pairs of sunglasses: BF735 Black Gravity and BF729 Shanks.

These two iconic models have a sporting soul combining the height of style and performance, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy according to the precepts of the neomadeinitaly brand.

The highly innovative design of BF735 Black Gravity features a set of taut, angular arches, a frame that suggests a certain solidity but with a sleek, lightweight feel created by the way the titanium is worked, using a special three-dimensional technique.

The high quality wrap-around lenses represent added value, underlining this model’s ultra-modern credentials. BF729 Shanks delivers equally high performance, its mirrored lenses exuding absolute quality, the product of innovative research, the quintessential hallmarks of every piece of Blackfin eyewear.

Anna Sui presents Bohemian artistry

August 2015

Bohemian touch by Anna SuiEvoking the spirit of bohemian romance Anna Sui’s new SS15 Optical collection is full of easy to wear shapes, rich marbled handmade acetates and custom laser engraved motifs finished with a sprinkle of sparkle and glamour.

Inky blacks and opulent tortoiseshells are layered with deep shades of purple, amber and vibrant crimson in AS662 while butterflies settle onto temples in elegant flight for a unique expression of personal style.

With a nod to Art Nouveau, AS660’s layers of carved acetates create graceful curvilinear forms revealing iridescent shimmering glitters that run from fronts and onto temples, all finished with signature rose temple tip buttons.

Inspired by Anna’s textures and prints, temples take on a brocade effect with contrasting metal laser engraved motifs in AS695 where fashionable cat-eye shapes are crafted from beautiful handmade acetates in two-tone lamination.

Anna Sui’s colour palette and distinctive bohemian artistry come together in this, the new eyewear collection.

The ANNA SUI SUNGLASS COLLECTION looks back in time designing masculine square frames but with a more softer, more feminine look.

August 2015

Anna Sui model 983

Perfectly rounded frames are enlarged and embellished to create a decorative focus, whilst other styles take their inspiration from vintage Victorian jewellery, pastel-colours and pearls, which reinforce Anna’s quirky nature and classic aesthetic. Anna Sui has always been “boho to the bone” and the sunglass collection is instantly recognisable by her patchwork-boudoir aesthetic that creates a sweet and feminine look.

This season shimmer and shine with Anna’s new sunglass collection as Swarovski crystal temple trims combine with vintage floral designs in AS983.

Deep jewel tones of purple and red are layered with rich marbled handmade acetates beautifully finished with crystals and pearls on bespoke custom temple hardware and Anna’s iconic raised baroque rose tip motifs. While soft feminine eyeshapes and gently rounded curves sparkle with glitter temple trims on AS989, finished with graduated lenses and signature branding.

Silhouette Fits a Legend

July 2015

Last week Silhouette Eyewear met up with comedian, actor, writer and presenter Stephen Fry to discuss Silhouette’s new eyewear collections.

Silhouette TMA Icon

The presenter, who favours rimless frames was presented with a range of Silhouette's award winning eyewear designs and eventually (after much deliberating) chose to be fitted with a pair TMA Icon with vivid blue arms.

The contrasting colours of the TMA Icon include Vivid Brown, Vivid Black/Yellow and Vivid Blue. The frames possess strength in colour but remain understated on the wearer, a perfect choice for Mr Fry.

The painful symptoms of eye conditions, including Blepharitis and Dry Eye Disease, can be relieved safely

July 2015

The painful symptoms of eye conditions, including Blepharitis and Dry Eye Disease, can be relieved safely it is suggested, thanks to the Eye Doctor, an ingenious eyelid heat mask filled with a revolutionary patent-pending technology.

The Eye Doctor, is designed and developed by award-winning businesswoman Sue Grant, alongside many other innovative products such as the Eye Mask and the Ice Doctor.

The Eye DoctorFilled with BodyBeads, a new technology that is non-toxic and non-flammable, it can be safely heated in the microwave and even the oven. With a hygienic, washable cover, made from quality materials designed to reduce abrasion, it is cost effective and pleasant to reuse. It also features an adjustable strap and a pouch for safe, clean and dry storage.

The Body Doctor Ltd, a family run Yorkshire business are proud to announce their association with Dr. Hilary Jones.

A family GP and well- known, trusted and highly respected medical broadcaster on TV and radio.

He became a Principal in General Practice and a GP educational trainer in the early 1980's. He also worked as a Senior House Officer in Ophthalmology before entering General Practice assisting in Glaucoma and Cataract extraction procedures and learning the science of refraction.

At that time he joined the most successful breakfast TV station in the world, TVAM at Camden Lock. He also became and still remains, a regular columnist for Rupert Murdoch’s Sun Newspaper’s Fabulous Magazine and he is a Guest Presenter on BBC Radio 2’s Steve Wright show – the most listened to radio show in Europe.

He is currently the Health Editor at Good Morning Britain and Patron of or Ambassador to a number of his chosen charities including The Meningitis Research Foundation, Get Ahead Charity, Matt Hampson Foundation, The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation, Northern Lights Charity, The London Air Ambulance Charity, Haydn’s Wish, The Stroke Association, Diabetes UK, Breakthrough Breast Cancer and British Heart Foundation.

Progear H2o Glazeable Swimming Goggle

July 2015

Progear Glazeable Swimming GoggleProgear expand into water sports

New for Summer 15, Norville are pleased to offer the Progear H2O, a high quality large cup recreational swimming goggle available in Violet, Indigo and Smoke.

Features include hypo allergenic, latex free silicone eye seals and head strap, three interchangeable bridge sizes and a generous 41.5mm eye. Every frame is also supplied with a soft neoprene pouch.
The recommended RX range is a +6.00 to -8.00 with up to +4.00 cylinder, however the H2O is also suitable for more complex prescription needs.

Visit Norville's Sports Page

SRX10 Head Strap Goggle

July 2015

SRX10 Headstrap GoggleA great new addition to Norville’s Sports Eyewear range, the SRX10 multi-purpose head strap goggle is made from tough flexible plastic providing a comfortable fit. This all-rounder can be offered for a wide range of activities, from winter sports to jet skiing, paint balling, motor sports and more.

The SRX10 is supplied with clear polycarbonate plano lenses, glazeable RX insert and zip sports case.
Rx range +4.00 to -4.00 with opp cyls to 3.00 (powers outside this range may be available)

Size - A 55mm, B 36mm & 20mm bridge and available in Silver or Black.

Visit Norville's Sports Page

MyWoodi eyewear introduces MADRID and AMSTERDAM optical styles

July 2015

MyWoodi EyewearManufactured in Italy, using wood from around the world, MyWoodi eyewear features a clean, linear style that is ultra-modern and extremely cool. The light, playful and totally tasteful wooden eyewear is priced aggressively, placing it within range of everyone’s budget.

Featured in the collection are 12 styles - 5 sunglasses and 7 optical styles - in 6 different types of wood and colors. Composed of eight layers of wood, their exciting chromatic nuances are fresh and fashionable. Sixty processing phases, 15 of which are carried out by hand, yield a feather-light product that weighs in at 13 grams (less than half an ounce). An invisible side hinge completes the whole.

She wears Madrid 03
He wears Amsterdam 01

AREA98 announces COCO SONG to be directly distributed in THE UK AND REPUBLIC OF IRELAND

July 2015

Area98 has recently launched direct distribution in the UK and Republic of Ireland for its Coco Song collection, the eyewear which blends the allure of oriental culture with the elegance of Italian style. This project falls within Area98's development plan aimed at strengthening the brand's direct presence on major eyewear markets.

Coco Song“Coco Song has become an iconic brand with its own distinctive personality which sets it apart from any other eyewear brand", states Elisio Tessaro, Area98 project and marketing manager. “Our strategy is directed at establishing dedicated and increasingly exclusive Coco Song distribution, thus enabling us to inform opticians of our product's quality and promote its uniqueness. Through our direct presence we can now respond to clients faster and, at the same time, guarantee quick, efficient after-sales service.”

Coco Song frames are distributed through five representatives in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Opticians may also contact our dedicated, English-language customer care service at: – free phone: 0-808-120-7634.

The La Matta, Genesis Easy and Oliviero Contini collections produced by Area98 will continue to be distributed in the UK and Ireland by PURE EYEWEAR LTD. Furthermore, in 2016 Area98 will begin direct distribution of the Robert Rüdger brand, which entered its portfolio this year.


Oliver Goldsmith goes back to basics with new PHOTOGRAPH Collection

July 2015
Oliver Goldsmith's Sammy

OG announce the new PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION, handmade in Italy from Oliver Goldsmith’s original archive designs.

These frames are being handled by Fabris Lane Ltd., who are now OG’s UK Licensee and Distributor.

This Collection is in addition to the Original & Genuine Eyewear Collection and OG x Oliver Goldsmith

Oliver Goldsmith's President


Oliver Goldsmith told us that, “The idea to call the collection PHOTOGRAPH came from an old photo album of my Grandfather's. He had printed on the cover the words Photographs but had the O and the G linked together.

So photographs are a memory of past and present and lastly, my daughter Alex who is assisting me on a part time basis is a professional photographer! So that complete the circle.”


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