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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, October-December 2015

Orasis Practice Management System launch NEXT-GENERATION VOiP Phone System – what’s it all about?

An early Christmas present from Waterside with Cocoa Mint.

Silhouette Refreshes And Re-launches The Best-selling Legends Collection.

WATERSIDE now offering prescription inserts for RECON JET™


Magic and Sparkle from Stepper (UK)

MyWoodi, wooden eyewear for everyone.


New Miraflex Childrens Frames from Dibble Optical

Style on a Budget - that’s Too Good to Miss from Waterside

FYSH UK launches 6 new models for Fall 2015.



OKO announces CAC collection's new styles & releases.

Norville present six great new additions to the existing Cecil Gee range.

KLiiK Denmark kicks off the Fall 2015 season with 6 new styles


Norville give you a sporting chance of success


Orasis Practice Management System launch NEXT-GENERATION VOiP Phone System – what’s it all about?

December 2015

Orasis are really keen for Independent optical businesses to evolve in communicating to their patients.

Already on offer:

Orsais with the new VOIP linkOrasis has a marketing module to send out recalls, promotions, etc via email, letter, low-cost print and post, SMS (text messaging)
now practices can save money with a VOIP phone system which integrates with Orasis

Software developer at Orasis, David Francis explains how you can dial straight from a patients record using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). He adds “This creates a task in Orasis to record that correspondence so you have a log of all communications.”

The software is Windows 10 compatible.

Kris, General Manager at Pabari Opticians, says of the system they have used for 20 years, “the improvements just keep making the system easier and quicker when we’re face to face with our patients”.

David Francis continues “Our aim is to help independent practices offer an efficient service, making sure customer service is second to none from both the practices end and our end.”

For practices with more advanced requirements, Orasis also offers paperless solutions and the ability to create ‘unique’ solutions.

To discover how customiseable Orasis is or to find out more visit the ORASIS page on PHN and then link to their website.

An early Christmas present from Waterside with Cocoa Mint.

December 2015

Eyespace by Waterside LabsFollowing the fantastic response to their recently launched glazed packages on the Zips frame range from multi-award winning British eyewear company Eyespace, Waterside Labs are delighted to now also be stocking their full Cocoa Mint frame collection.

To mark this exciting addition, until the end of January 2016 Waterside are offering all lenses from their Infinity™ and ELYSIUM® varifocal ranges at half price when ordered complete with any frame from the Cocoa Mint collection (buy one progressive lens, get one progressive lens free).

Bob Forgan, Waterside’s Managing Director says: “We were blown away by the response to the frame with lens packages we introduced on the Zips collection and have received many positive comments from our customers regarding the great value and quality. We only supply independent opticians so anything we can do to help the independent sector can only be to all our benefits.”.

“As a truly independent lab we have the ability to respond quickly to our customers’ needs and following numerous requests we took the decision to introduce this exciting fashion collection from Eyespace. In addition, we are also offering glazed package pricing on their recently launched 2016 Cocoa Mint and Jensen prescription sunglass ranges – both of which are now available for pre-order”.

“The Cocoa Mint collection has proved to be extremely popular with style conscious consumers of all ages and our Infinity™ and ELYSIUM® progressives are offered in perhaps the most comprehensive ranges of lens materials available, so we thought we would give both existing and new customers an early Christmas present and a great offer to start the New Year by supplying them at half price when ordered complete with any Cocoa Mint frame”.

The Cocoa Mint frame range is available to order from Waterside with immediate effect and the full collection can be viewed at

Silhouette Refreshes And Re-launches The Best-selling Legends Collection

December 2015

Silhouette Metal LegendsThe newly renamed ‘LEGENDS by Silhouette’ collection is renowned in the industry for their exceptional style, quality and design.

The best- selling collection has received a refresh, with the styles being updated with fresh new colours and patterns.

With key elements of the range being function and comfort, Silhouette introduce a wider choice of models, colours and sizes to ensure the more mature, style conscious customer will have a greater selection.

Silhouette SPX LegendsFinding the perfect fit, colour and frame to compliment their style has never been easier for the target ladies and gents.

Silhouette offers SPX technology using crystalline core approach and contemporary product design featuring soft colour ranges and floral patterns.

‘LEGENDS by Silhouette’ has been worn by HRH Queen Elizabeth II for many years - a testament to Silhouette’s high quality, style and workmanship of the range.

‘Legends by Silhouette’ are designed to stand the test of time.

WATERSIDE now offering prescription inserts for RECON JET™

November 2015

Following the official launch of the Rx insert for Recon Jet™ this week Southampton based Waterside Labs are now offering prescription inserts and lenses for these exciting ‘smart’ sports glasses.

Recon Jet By WatersideJet is not designed to fit over other eyewear, which presents a challenge for the users who normally wear prescription glasses. This new prescription insert allows those users to take full advantage of Recon Jet smart eyewear for the first time.

The introduction of another optical solution for smart eyewear further enhances Waterside Labs reputation as a leading supplier of optical solutions for wearable technology in Europe.

With a growing portfolio of patented prescription Smart GOLD™ lens designs, frames and accessories for the most advanced smart glasses on the market, including Recon Jet, Epson® Moverio™ BT-200, Vuzix® M100, Sony SmartEyeglass™ and Google Glass, Waterside is offering innovation developed by US partners Rochester Optical to meet the needs of the optical industry and deliver solutions to the smart glasses space.

Bob Forgan, Waterside’s Managing Director comments: “Recon Jet offers great training and performance benefits for sports enthusiasts and this addition for those needing vision correction ensures everyone has equal access to its features.

The insert Rochester Optical designed allows users who normally wear prescription glasses to fully utilize Recon Jet”.

“The prescription insert features a minimalistic design and a user-friendly mounting mechanism to best complement Recon Jet’s modular design. Users can already swap in optional accessory lenses and spare batteries on the go, and this insert follows in the same vein: simply clip the insert into the device to experience premium visual acuity and comfort”.

Combining true sports eyewear with a high-contrast display positioned just below the wearer’s right eye, Recon Jet enables cyclists and runners to train smarter by accessing a full suite of fitness metrics without altering their posture or taking their eyes off the road.

Jet also features a built-in GPS, a point-of-view camera, Android-based software, and a fully modular design with a swappable battery and interchangeable lenses.

The prescription lenses offered by Waterside for Recon Jet were developed by New York based Rochester Optical and are highly specialized. Smart GOLD™ Lenses minimize eyestrain and eye fatigue, allowing smart glasses to be comfortably worn for extended periods of time. By creating an additional, optimized optical centre where the display is viewed and compensating to balance binocular vision, Smart GOLD eliminates prismatic effect and off axis aberrations, providing continuous, comfortable visual acuity.

Waterside Labs are Rochester Optical’s Authorised European Reseller and UK opticians will have the opportunity to check out Recon Jet and other smart glasses at 100% Optical in February.


November 2015

MYKITA & BERNHARD WILLHELM welcomes two new models to the rambunctious clan.

Mykita Vice


First up is VICE – a bona fide knockout in a sea of eyewear look-alikes. Inspired by a photo of Rocky-era Sylvester Stallone, VICE is made of the supremely lightweight MYLON and features an angled lens shield.

The second, HANSI continues the aviator tradition of the collaboration, but with straighter, flatter lenses for a sharp and modern look. Both models feature the new fluorescent-coloured monopad in place of the conventional nose pads.


Mykita Hansi



The MYKITA + MAISON MARGIELA collaboration welcomes two new styles to the RAW and ESSENTIAL collection.

The expansive front of MMRAW003 shows off the unpolished acetate concept of RAW to its best advantage. The roughly cut historic eyewear shape bears the traces of industrial machinery, while sophisticated bevelled edges add the necessary refinement and comfort to make the frame wearable. New semi-transparent colours Champagne and Turquoise accentuate the visible RAW surface.


Stainless steel frames reduced to the pure material define the ESSENTIAL range. Joining the collection of experimental, standalone shapes is MMESSE011, a pure panto form further refined via a high rainbow-shaped double-bridge. Also new to the range is a nude colourway, which lends the graceful silhouette both depth and a delightful oddness. Beautiful and compellingly individual.


Magic and Sparkle from Stepper (UK)

November 2015

For a special pair of spectacles that are perfect for the party season, look no further than the Stepper Exclusive 30015.

Stepper EX 30015

This new frame is no cowering wallflower, instead, eschewing shyness the EX 30015 is a ‘look at me’ piece of eyewear – and is all the better for it!

‘This frame certainly catches the eye and we loved it from the moment we first saw it,’ comments Richard Crook, Managing Director Stepper (UK) limited. ‘It is a great example of the breadth of appeal the Stepper brand is able to deliver.

The 30015 has been well received and is selling very well.’

As part of Stepper’s ‘Exclusive’ collection, this frame takes Stepper into luxury eyewear. Beneath the gold and crystal is high-tech Titanium, guaranteeing a super light frame with the hypoallergenic characteristics Stepper is renowned for.

‘This frame is perfect for parties and special events, but it’s Stepper characteristics of comfort and fit make it a perfect choice for daylong wear, should the style suit,’ adds Richard.

The beautifully detailed brow is highlighted by a dazzling collection of Swarovski crystals that sparkle as the wearer moves. The overall look is elegant with sweeping sides that elongate and lighten the profile.

‘With its vintage good looks this Stepper is very on trend and will win the hearts of many spectacle wearers looking for a combination of comfort, quality and retro styling,’ concludes Richard.

MyWoodi, wooden eyewear for everyone.

November 2015

Mi-woodi red brownFollowing the remarkable success achieved in less than one year from the launch of its new eyewear collection in wood, MyWoodi presents the latest additions to its range: 6 new models and 3 new finishes.

An extremely contemporary and glamorous style distinguishes the new models and finishes of the MyWoodi eyewear collection

Similar to the existing models, the new designs have also been named after international cities, to highlight company awareness towards the demand of its cosmopolitan followers.

Squarish lines for those who love a more assertive style and softer, more rounded models for customers seeking a more romantic and carefree style.

All models in the collection are now available in three new shades: grey-black, red-brown, brown.

Mi Woodi in Black greyThe range comprises of 5 sunglass and 9 optical models – all available in 7 wood varieties/colours – produced in Italy from wood materials sourced all around the world.

Consisting of eight layers of wood, they stand out for their particularly fresh and fashionable shades. 60 manufacturing phases, 15 of which are carried out by hand, add up to an overall weight of 13 grams. The product is completed by a side hinge, which is invisible externally.

MyWoodi eyewear models stand out for their pared-down and linear style which is very modern and extremely attractive. The highly efficient manufacturing process allows the price to be very affordable, which has made them popular with an ever widening customer target.


November 2015

Sun Lenses to enhance and fully enjoy the beauty of colours.

Kolor UP from EssilorEssilor Sun Solution, the Essilor Group division dedicated to sun plano lenses, presents KOLOR UP™, a new brand and technology of sun lenses which guarantee a refreshing perception of colors and improved vision.

This new technology was developed in cooperation with the Essilor R&D teams, applying the principles that made Essilor successful throughout the last 50 years.

Now, Essilor bring this spirit of innovation to a new territory of vision, namely sun lenses.

Traditional sun lenses are designed to reduce light intensity, to protect the eyes, and reduce glare.

Traditional sun lenses perform homogeneously for the full spectral range.

KOLOR UP lenses selectively modulate the light reaching the retina and the wavelengths of the primary colors received by the photoreceptors in the eyes to create some visible results:

- Reinforcing the brightness of colors while maintaining a high level of protection,

- Bringing to life the natural hues of the surrounding environment,

- Guaranteeing high levels of vision performance even in very bright conditions.

Kolor Up from EssilorKOLOR UP™ lenses bring more brightness and enhance the definition of colors in addition to providing protection against the sun.

KOLOR UP™ lenses are available both in plano (non-prescription), polarized or non-polarized, in solid or gradient colors such as amber, brown, grey, grey-green and copper.

KOLOR UP colors are also available with coatings. The modern, rich effect of Silver or Champagne coatings combined with KOLOR UP gradient colors give a unique appealing look to bring to eyewear brands, finishes in line with the current fashion trends.

With this new technology, ESSILOR SUN SOLUTION has two key objectives:

1. “See better”: in other words, help the consumers to enjoy a better view of the world by using lenses which reinforce the beauty of authentic colors and,

2. “Better look” by adapting this technology within a range of “on-trend” colors and mirrors.

KOLOR UP™ technology offers a real visual experience, the enjoyment of a more colorful vision.

Better vision, modern sophisticated colors and treatments combine to offer the complete package for fashion.

KOLOR UP colors offer Fashion and Lifestyle Brands the opportunity to increase the pleasure of wearing sunglasses.

Rediscover the beauty of colors and complete protection with KOLOR UP™ lenses!

New Miraflex Childrens Frames from Dibble Optical

November 2015

Flex_Light from MiraflexThe highly acclaimed Miraflex range of children’s frames has been extended to include two new collections; Flexible & Fashion and Flexible & Light.

These attractive acetate frames have been optimised for children and teenagers and are designed specifically for their unique facial cranial measurements with an anatomically designed nose bridge.

Designed in Italy, the Flexible & Fashion collection comprises 24 models in a wide range of fashionable colours. Manufactured using acetate materials with flexible temples these frames are suitable for a wide range of ages.

The Flexible & Light models are attractively designed in a special lightweight TR90 material and the bright colours make these a delight for children to wear.

Style on a Budget - that’s Too Good to Miss from Waterside

November 2015

New addition to the range of glazed packages available from Southampton based Waterside Labs is the comprehensive Zips collection from multi-award winning British eyewear company Eyespace.

Bob Forgan, Waterside’s Managing Director says: “Every practice has a need for entry level products and we believe the Zips collection offers frames of exceptional value and quality in a lower cost range that is extremely comprehensive. With almost 60 styles Zips really does have something for everyone including fashionable children’s styles that can be covered by NHS vouchers”.

“We are delighted to be working with Eyespace and offering their exciting frame collections. Our goal is always to offer quality products and service at value for money pricing – which can help our independent customers to compete and differentiate themselves in today’s demanding market.

" The contemporary styling of the Zips collection and the fact that it includes plastic, metal and even titanium frames in both full rim and semi-rimless makes Zips the ideal entry level offering for all independents”.

ZP 4102To celebrate the addition of this range to our product portfolio we are actually offering half price glazing charges until the end of 2015 which really does provide an offer that is ‘too good to miss’, adds Bob Forgan.

Julie Abel, managing director of Eyespace added, “Zips is a range proven to be exceptionally popular with practitioners and patients alike. We will be increasing the collection by a third in the New Year to continue offering independent opticians the most competitive and comprehensive offering possible, and are thrilled that Waterside Labs are now offering the collection to independent practices around the UK alongside their glazing services."

" Their seal of approval gives us yet more confidence in the continued success for the Zips brand and we look forward to many more fashion-conscious consumers being able to discover great eyewear regardless of their budget”

The Zips collection is available to order from Waterside with immediate effect

FYSH UK launches 6 new models for Fall 2015.

November 2015

When it comes to FYSH UK, perfection is the only option.  Quality and fashion go hand-in-hand and neither is ever compromised. WestGroupe is proud to introduce the FYSH UK fall 2015 collection; 6 new styles that encapsulate the effortlessly chic styling of FYSH.

Check out the the flirty and fabulous F-3540 & F‑3541 models, both made with lightweight stainless steel and decorated by laser etching techniques.

FYSH 3540The F-3540 temple designs are beautifully etched to resemble the inner workings of a butterfly wing, with spaces in between each scale to prevent too much busyness around the face. 

F-3540 is available in a color pallet of purple red, grey teal, burgundy white and black gold.

FYSH 3541The truly unique F-3541 semi-rimless frame has a cohesive playful look with an ultra feminine touch.

The temples showcase an embroidery style laser cut out with multiple gradient colors, as if each piece is falling into the next. 

The remarkable design of the F-3541 will surely elicit grate customer enthusiasm.  This chic frame comes in teal aquamarine, purple lavender, black sky and wine brick.


FYSH 3542For a more funky look, model F-3542 has a fun, ribbed press pattern brow bar that will have all heads turning to get a second look.

This lightweight acetate frame has a tinted lace pattern embedded within the material and is available in black lace, berry lace, olive lace and purple lace.


FYSH 3543F-3543 is an acetate frame with a slim silhouette and narrow stainless steel temples. 

This retro inspired P3 eye shape has slightly upturned corners and a thin keyhole bridge, which gives this vintage look a more feminine and flattering appeal. 

The translucent feathered acetate provides a textured look in shades of jade, rust, grape and coffee.

FYSH 3544Setting aside the girly tone, model F-3544 is a ‘boy meets girl’ theme.

This stainless steel frame has a distinct leather inlay skin, creating a sense of toughness on a feminine shape.

The rounded rectangular frame adds a softer feel, while the monochrome outline and undulated temples are in keeping with the more masculine side. 

The color palette features more primal tones of brown crocodile, black snakeskin and burgundy chevron.

FYSH 3545Last but definitely not least is the fabulous model F-3545 a stainless steel frame that defines the saying “strong brow game”.

The modified cat-eye shape is soft and wearable with a beautiful mosaic-like design that flows over the brow bar and continues on to the top half of the temple. 

The multi colored design shines in high gloss and contrasts beautifully with the matte finish of the frame. 

The fall color palette of camel, violet, back and ocean is perfect for the fall season.

Wide in choice and elegant in design, the FYSH UK collection has something special for every woman.

Ridgway Optical is the UK distributor for all the WestGrorupe collections.


SILHOUETTE EYEWEAR Launches the CRYSTAL COLLECTIONS in time for Christmas.

November 2015

This month, Silhouette eyewear introduces the impressive Crystal collections, a range of four beautifully crafted rimless eyewear collections, perfect for the festive season. The four collections are made up of three women’s collections and one for men.

LM 3169Caresse 4487All three of the women’s Crystal collections comprises of handfinished 23 carat gold-plated Titanium frames, incorporating between 6 – 24 Xilion crystals.

The ‘Light Attraction’ frames are fine and elegant; whilst the ‘Sparkling Finesse’ convey a contemporary, linear look and the ‘Caresse’ frames hold a single floating crystal, creating simple luxury.

The men’s ‘Carbon Refined’ collection frames are made of a combination of carbon, titan and gold. Featuring four models each with four lens shapes, the range has a distinct active look.

All Crystal collections available in November 2015 at selected opticians.


November 2015

La MattaFascinating colours, scintillating details and the return of pearly shades for eyewear that expresses new and contemporary luxury

The new LA MATTA collection - the ladies-only line from Area98 - introduces a new palette of colours which marks a return to classic shades lit by scintillating details to win over a female public fond of elegant looks yet full of personality.

This is the La Matta woman: strong, daring, aware of her allure, one who loves to please and allows herself to be admired. Eyewear becomes an essential style accessory and must necessarily be a manifestation of contemporary and unconventional luxury.

The chosen colours for the new collection are toned down in favour of more understated and refined shades for a glamorous, dynamic woman who mixes different styles in order to create her very own.

LM 3165New colours, new creativity, pearly shades and precious details, gems in acetate and small Swarovski crystals which light up the frames and create outstanding light effects. Shown LM 3165 right.

Like in the LM 3164 model where the understatement of the metal front perfectly matches the patterned temples, embellished with gems in acetate fitted into metal cages which enhance the luxe look of the lines, creating a contrast effect for a new form of elegance which favours classical tastes yet does not forego daring colour schemes.

The special working on the temples represents the true essence of the LM 3168 model: a play on metal fusion with the lost-wax technique creates unique decorations.

The fLM 3169ront alternates animal print patterns with block colours, with a tonal coordination, while the temple is lit by the enamelled ornamental element which combines the elegance of the lines with the innovation of the technology.

The LM 3169 model (left) boasts precious details borrowed from the world of jewellery, modernised and perfected according to eyewear requirements: decoration inspired by a necklace now takes on the shape of a fan in coloured metal and adds very special features to the eyewear, turning it into a unique piece, refined and surprising at the same time.

LM 3170A declaration of a strong personality for women who choose the model LM 3170. (right)

Also in this case the inspiration is taken from the world of jewellery making: the temple – in acetate with a leopard print effect – is embellished by metal pins reminiscent of Lombard crowns.

The graphics and geometric lines of the temple contribute to strengthening the identity of this eyewear.

LM 3171
Animal print patterns too for the acetate of the model LM 3171. (left) Three gems in acetate decorate the frame, inside of which Swarovski crystals are set, precious details for a woman of spontaneous elegance.


OKO announces CAC collection's new styles & releases.

October 2015

Ultra-thin. Very Fashion. So Unique.

OKO CAC Range by OKOAt OKO by OKO Paris, we've already seen designer optical frames with a pure and elegant design, and of a so distinctive nature produced by the design offices of the brand.

But of recent times there is now a whole new thread of fashion and glamour of the brand coming to the fore demonstrated in the latest designs announced today in the CAC collection.

For her, for him. In both optical or sunglasses versions.

This collection will delight of course the followers of designer frames which have character and style. Designer, yes, but affordable for all!

What are its characteristics?

OKO by OKO CAC 24Ultra-thin and ultra-light, this CAC collection creates a surprise which reveals its technolgy in two steps :

First with the outer layer of the frame made of acetate, whose plates are exclusively chosen for the OKO by OKO house and then with the bridge of the frame, where lies the strength, a band visible in transparency made of surgical steel with crossing rivets giving it a mono-bloc character frame.

This laminating process has allowed the makers to acheive an ultra-thin acetate frame and also to use unexpected colors to get a high quality finish – an ultra-thin result that we could only obtain so far before in the industry with injected molded frames.

OKO by OKO CAC25At OKO by OKO Paris surprises are abundant through its creations, designs and colour combinations which are always more innovative and visionary.

The CAC collection's two new styles and releases : CAC24 (for woman) – CAC25 (for man and woman).

The innovation of fine acetate colourful materail with this new strengthening technique removes previous limits in frame designs giving life to exciting eye wear.

OKO by OKO Paris. Fashion passes by but style remains.

Norville present six great new additions to the existing Cecil Gee range.

October 2015

Cecil Gee man CG030

The new releases include traditional and modern design elements, statement detailing throughout including double bars and cut out temples.

All new frames are available in two colours and two eye sizes offering a great choice for your patient.

A full rim flat press metal frame, available in two colours Gun and Black contrast and Brown and Black contrast. A choice of size options with both 53 and 55 eye size available. Sprung hinged temple with cut out detail and contrast colouring with raised brand carrier


CG- 027
Cecil Gee 28A full rim flat press metal frame available in two colours Gun with blue contrast and Black with Orange, A choice of two size options with 53 and 55 eye available. Cut out temple detail with colour contrast inlay, discreet inner temple branding

A metal and acetate Supra combination, available in two colours Gunmetal front with black acetate temples, black metal front with green horn temples. Available in two sizes 53 and 55 eye.
Tapered temple detail with a metal T bar carrying the brand logo

Cecil Gee man CG0329A full rim acetate frame with two colour combinations available Tortoise and Black, the frame benefits from two size options 54 and 56 eye. Tapered spring hinged temple with a shallow cut away detail balances the fine twin lines of metal on the joint. Discreet outer temple branding carrying the famous CG signature. (Pictured with Mail Model above)

A full rim metal aviator in two colour options solid black and brown with gun temples. The model has two sizes available 57 and a 59 eye, geek without the chic, a definite statement with double bar cut out and soft curve. Signature branding on the temples

Cecil Gee 02031CG 31
A full rim metal and acetate temple aviator, Traditional to a tee and available in two colours Gold with Tortoise temples and solid black, great large size options 56 and 58 eye. Signature CG branding on the temples


October 2015

Photographed by Tom Herrington



The designer at RockOptika wants to tell a story, to describe his vision for the new frames from the moment they were pencilled down to the way that they should be presented.

This is a unique passion for visualisation, taking the initial dream through to reality with total autonomy.

The latest eyewear range was influenced by the sweeping curves, stark lines and muted colours of Bexhill's De La Warr Pavilion. RockOptika was given VIP access to the DLWP this autumn to achieve this stunning campaign.

KLiiK denmark kicks off the Fall 2015 season with 6 new styles

October 2015

This season’s KLiiK denmark collection is all about hipster inspired shapes and linear temple designs.

KLiik denmarkFor the guys, K-543 and K-544 bring streamlined style to the table with lightweight stainless steel and laser cut temple designs, keeping the frames light and airy.

Model K-543 is a semi rimless model with a modern square eye shape. Translucent colored nylon is overlaid on the top eye rim providing an interesting tone-on-tone effect. A special rounded screwless hinge adds a technical aspect to the model. K-543 is available in a variety of colors including silver crystal, indigo and charcoal.

Model K-544 is also a semi- rimless frame but has sharper edges and a more rectangular eye shape. A laser cut design is highlighted in a contrasting color to add subtle detail to the temple. Sized for a narrower PD, K-544 comes in navy blue, brown marsala and grey moss.

With a nod to the past, KLiiK has launched a series of round, stainless steel models in keeping with the retro trend that has seemingly taken over the fashion world. K-545 is a modified P3 shape while K-546 has a James Dean esque round shape.

Both models have a keyhole bridge in keeping with the retro look and a small 5-barrel hinge for added durability. Available in an array of antique inspired colors including antique grey, antique blue, antique khaki, antique wine grey, antique brown, antique blue and black red; the brushed finish adds a scuffed look to the vintage design.

KLiik denmarkLast, but certainly not least, style K-547 is an acetate frame in rich, marbled tortoise hues. The square eye shape and end piece rivets give this modern, feminine style an effortlessly on-trend look that hints at its retro inspiration. The color pallet of smoke marble, camel marble, red marble and brown marble is bold but wearable with just a hint of its tortoise roots.

Launched in 2003, KLiiK denmark is a collection of fashion eyewear designed for the petite consumer who understands the connection between style and statement. Frames that seamlessly marry straight and curved lines create KLiiK denmark's upscale, edgy look that takes seeing and being seen to a level of distinction that is unique to the brand.

Norville give you a sporting chance of success

October 2015

Norville Sports catalogue



With almost 50 frame options, Norville offers one of the largest ranges of dedicated prescription sports prescription goggles

Norville’s 2015 Sports Catalogue includes seven stunning new products plus additional colour options for existing models.

Norville fulfil a number of categories including swimming & diving and offer a range of protective goggles for football, hockey and many other field and indoor contact sports; sizes available from age 6 and upwards.

Amongst the new additions are a selection of Progear branded options, including the H2O swim google, neon & extra-large eyeguard goggles and two exciting brand new cycling frames.

Norvilles range of corrective lenses uses the latest impact-resistant materials including Trivex, Tribrid and Polycarbonate. Adding treatments, such as polarisation and specialist contrast filters as required, but in many cases these products are already included as standard.


October 2015

Minimalist design, exclusive detail, high-tech materials and futuristic manufacturing techniques, all these factors come together in Blackfin, the brand of titanium eyewear entirely designed and manufactured in Italy whose new Fall/Winter 2015/16 collection was shown in Paris at Silmo.

Two models, BF739 Frazier and BF740 Shag, the first a frame for women, the second for men, share the same styling, featuring the innovative three-dimensional effect, combining hand-crafted techniques with modern design and excellent quality. A special milling technique used on the top rim creates a play of volumes and a contrasting perspective between the front and the rest of the frame, making it possible to use new colour combinations that enhance the unique design of the frame with its three-dimensional effect.

Blackfin 740The model for women, BF739, is available in matte finish grey/fuchsia, dark/light blue, deep purple/pink, and matte dark brown/glossy pink and red/metallic pink.

The men’s model, BF740, is squarer in shape and features more classic, opaque-finish colours: black/grey, grey/blue, grey/sand, light /dark blue, bronze/fluorescent red.

A varied range of colours with a choice of classic shades and revolutionary new combinations of opaque or glossy tones. The meeting of colour and material plus the unique finish create eyewear with the a distinctive personality and massive aesthetic appeal. These two new models embody the very essence of the brand.

They are a celebration of a creative process in constant evolution, up-to-the-minute designs drawing inspiration from avant-garde architecture and finished with minute attention to detail, the hallmarks of the Blackfin brand.

Another new model making its debut at Silmo, is BF743 Waterhouse a frame for men whose classic panto shape reinterprets the mid-20th-Century look. This model, with its rounded lines and keyhole bridge combines a traditional shape with modern materials and design, the perfect expression of timeless style. The very absence of colour plays a leading part in the look, with some parts of the frame revealing pure brushed titanium. This alternating chromatic effect gives the frame a strong personality, adding emphasis to its lines and volumes. Contrasting or coordinating tones, opaque or glossy finishes and a precious "living" material given a starring role rewrite the concept of simplicity. There are two opaque tones to choose from: dark grey/yellow and black/dark grey, or the more striking option of dark-brown, metallic red or dark blue eye-rims with bridge, temples and hinges in brushed titanium.

Blackfin 743The 1970s are the inspiration for the Blackfin Zero EDGE, super-lightweight model BF746 Funders with its double bridge, the perfect mix of vintage style with high-tech manufacture, a classic form revisited in new materials and new detail. The ultra-thin beta titanium, only 0.5mm thick, used for this frame presents a major manufacturing challenge that only the expert artisan skills of the Blackfin production team can overcome. Blackfin 746There are five colours to choose from: shiny silver, opaque gold, opaque gunmetal and the two-tone versions gunmetal/fluorescent red and opaque blue/shiny titanium.

These models once again embody the neomadeinitaly concept, a term coined by Pramaor to define the identity of its eyewear, manufactured to the highest quality standards. This identity is the product of the cross-fertilisation between tradition and culture and innovation and technology, combined with respect for individuals and the environment, for people and things, such that each and every model expresses authentic Italian excellence.



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New Christian Lacroix Frames

Shamir Power Mirrors

Ocuvite Biolutein

New Barbour Range Launches

X-IDE Titanium

100% Optical E-Vouchers

New Barbour and Duck & Cover Frames

Zoobug Releases 2015 Sunglass Collection

New Swimming Goggle from Norville

Claudia Schiffer Introduces New Colours

Woodone Show Another Unique Material Concept

3D Prescription Lens from Norville

Mercedes-Benz Style from Rodenstock

Rodenstock Launch Revolutionary New Lens

Kirk and Kirk Launch Vivarium Collection

Scanner Sets New Standards in Made-to-Measure Lenses

Rodenstock Enhances Lens Portfolio

OGI Eyewear's 9206

Rodenstock Extends Net|line Range

Chemistrie Blue for Digital Eye Strain

Soothing Eye Mask from B&L

Grafton Add Pre-Owned Equipment to Summer Sale

Norville to Promote Thomson ReadEZ System

MEI Launches Shape Finder 2.0

Natural Cameo by Okia

The Milton from Seraphin

Anna Sui Optical Collection

The Lincoln from Seraphin Eyewear

Converse Eyewear

Elegance and Simplicity by Cacharel

Hoya Updates Digital Catalogue

Rip Curl Distribution

Rodenstock Mirror Coatings

Hackett Bespoke Eyewear at Queens

New Design from GANT

Stunning Sunglass from GUESS

New Skechers and Tweens Frames from GUESS

Hoya Introduces Sensity

Mercedes-Benz Style from Rodenstock

Inspecs Announce Radley Eyewear Collection

New Colormatic IQ Sun Lenses

Shamir Duo

Prescription Smart Glass from Waterside

Silhouette Pick up Award

Oasis Announces Latest Eyewear Collection

Barbour Eyewear Sunglasses Available

Norville 2014 Sports Catalogue

Rodenstock New Complete Spectalce Collection

Sportviz XTS Sun Core Rx Sunglasses

Spectralis Connect Programme

Viva provide a spash of colour for Spring with new styles from Gant and Guess

Silhoutte Back on Runway at Paris Fashion Week

Hoya Expands Support Through Club

Spectralis OCT Atlas Launched by Heidelberg

New Lines for Gant, Skechers, and Guess

Special Promotion from Waterside Labs

Claudia Schiffer by Rodenstock Launches

Spectralis Glaucoma Module Premium Edition

Titan Harmony Nylor

Convert Silhouette Rx to Sunglasses

2014 Wimbledon Collection

Inpsecs Announce Addition to Brand Portfolio

E-Commerce Site from Mainline Instruments

Blu Edge from Mainline Optical Connections

New Sunglass Range from Viva Eyewear UK

Heidelberg Calendar Promotes Products

Shamir Spark

Nuance, Radiance, and Riviera from Silhouette

Spectralis Proves Worth in Neurology Clinic

Sports Eyewear at Optrafair London

Kickers Children's Eyewear Launched

Porsche Design Iconic Series

Chemistrie Eyewear from Mainline Optical Connections

Forgan Makes Asian Debut

Cadillac Eyewear Takes to the Road

Churchill's Spectacle Maker Launch New Collection

Rodenstock Launches Patient Mailers

Impressionist 3 Dispensing System

Norville Launch 4th Edition Digital Directory

Aquaviz Pro

TD Tom Davies Gold Collection

"Claudia Schiffer by Rodenstock"

Hoya introduces Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+

Rodenstock Launches Ergo Near Vision Promotion

Discount on Rodenstock Instruments

New Gant Collection

O'Neill Licence for Inspecs

Rodenstock Everyday

Win With Shamir Autograph III

Rodenstock unveils the Baldessarini Eyewear Collection

Ski Mask Added to Sportviz Range

Briot hop to Norville Autoflow

Silhouette Update Titan Minimal Art Story

Rodenstock Sun Contrast Promotion

Autumn Trends from Rodenstock

Hoya Loyalty Club Promotion

Linda Farrow's "Row Collection"

Dana Buchman Vision from Norville

Gant Women's Sun Amber Range

Scratch and Win with Shamir and Transitions

Rodenstock Announce Consulting Platform

Rodenstock Launches Colormatic Promotion

Haag-Streit UK Launches New Improved Synoptophore

Hoya's VSE Loyalty Club has Started

Lee Cooper Extension from Brulimar

DiMarco Range from Brulimar

Porsche Design Reading Tool

Hoya Launch VSE Loyalty Club

Optisoft Customer Survey Winner

Rodenstock's B-Lite Collection

Silhouette Explains High-Tech Titanium Eyewear

Simplicity in Summer Sunglasses from Rodenstock

New Concepts from Shamir

Pineapple Licence Extension for Brulimar

Zoobug Takes to the Catwalk

Vision Enhancers New Catalogue

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