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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, January to March 2016



Last night saw the premier of the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

EVATIK announce new releases for March 2016.

Silhouette to launch new ATELIER collection in 2016.

Comfortably Different Rimless with the TX5 moulded bridge from Stepper.

New Collections from Booth&Bruce.

Shamir Redefines the Measuring Experience for opticians and their customers with Spark Mi.

Paperstyle Paper Eyewear impresses at Mido 2016.

Mykita launch first polarised sunglass... TRANSITION VAMP

Mainline Instruments launch the new Icare ic100 tonometer.

Here is NINA in the QUI SUIS JE collection at OKO by OKO Paris.

LA DOLCE VITA, Lessons in Geometry, All-Round Eyewear

Shamir announce new Graphite Green Transitions which can be seen at 100% Optical this weekend.


SPECTRALIS Connect Investment Club now open!

Stepper's Classic Gents Design is all in the Detail

INVU 2016 continues to excite customers with its newly extended range.

First SPECTRALIS OCT2 delivered at University Hospital Southampton.

Tom Davies, announces a brand new service called Made To Order.


March 2016

Elegance and Glamour for trendsetting Women.


Fashion, femininity and glamour: these are the ingredients of the extraordinary “Gold Thread Rhythm” HDA® collection developed by OKIA.

As the name suggests, gold thread - synonymous with opulence and refinement - is the protagonist of this new collection aiming at trendsetting and demanding women.

Thanks to the application of the patented HDA® Technology, the linear pattern of gold thread is combined with oil painted graphics within the acetate material: the result is an enviable sparkling look, expression of the purest elegance and sophistication.

Okia Gold Thread Rythm 1


Every single detail of the acetate decoration is clearly defined in a clever blend of innovation and quality that makes each model a little masterpiece. Gold thread stands out against the acetate base evoking a sense of luxury.

The new Gold Thread Rhythm collection reflects a charming, contemporary and refined style.

Each frame is the perfect expression of OKIA’s commitment to cross the boundaries between fashion and technology, offering the right mix of classic beauty and modern inspiration.


March 2016


Meet VERUSCHKA, the newest addition to the Seventies-inspired, stainless steel glasses by Mykita & Bernhard Willhelm.

Definitely worthy of its supermodel name, the sunglasses are round and iconic from a distance, yet decidedly edgy up close.

Geometry buffs will be keen to point out that the 12-sided polygonal shape of the lenses is known as a dodecagon, while the glamour set are already head-over-heels for this refined version of rock star sunglasses.


Last night saw the premier of the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

March 2016

Clarke Kent by TD DaviesAs the European premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice took place last night in London’s Leicester Square, fans cannot wait to see their favourite characters in the big screens on March 25th.

Clark Kent's iconic spectacles in the upcoming film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have never looked so good.

It is a Bespoke Horn frame designed by British designer, Tom Davies.

Davies has always been fascinated by Clark Kent's ‘reverse superhero disguise,’ using his spectacles to disguise his secret identity.

For this film, Davies' aim was to work with Cavill’s natural features and bring out a different version of him in glasses.

Davies focused on the lines of the frame to alter the public's perception of the character.

EVATIK announce new releases for March 2016.

March 2016

The ultra fashion Evatik March 2016 releases feature the latest trends in modern eyewear infused with retro inspirations, all designed with the highest levels of quality.

Evatik E 9124E-9124

The brand new E-9124 frames are perfect for men seeking large, comfortable glasses with a professional polish. The semi-rimless frame is bordered on the brow bar with a colored, ribbed detail that goes along the temple and contrasts the sleek grey metal blocks in between the ribbed pattern. Rounded out with adjustable nose pads and a two-piston European spring hinge for the best possible fit without sacrificing style, this frame comes in a chrome inspired color palette such as grey gun, blue silver and green grey.


Evatik E 9125

E- 9125
The E-9125 is frame full of bravado. This full rim handmade acetate frame is designed to fit larger heads with its deep rectangular shape and strong brow line that commands attention. Inspired by the 50’s era striped ties and tie clips, the temples’ intricate pressed ribbed pattern and metal décor are a true nod to the past.

To ensure a durable and comfortable fit, the frame is held together with a sturdy hinge and European lock tight screws.

This vintage inspired frame comes in a translucent color palette including grey gradient, blond tortoise and blue tortoise.


Evatik E 9126E-9126

Why have one material when you can have three?

The E-9126 is a full rim combination frame with a thin profile that encapsulates this season’s current trends. The handcrafted acetate front is complimented perfectly by the wood temple detailing that has become a very popular component of frame design.

The wood details are coated to prevent discoloration from any type of moisture. This frame is not just a pretty face. The long, adjustable temple tips, integrated spring hinges and stainless steel trim combine to ensure a 100% secure fit. This frame is available in a rich color palette including tortoise ebony, blue ash and black mahogany.

Silhouette to launch new ATELIER collection in 2016.

March 2016


Atelier collection

Silhouette Eyewear is adding a luxurious, new collection to the range, Atelier, launching in September 2016. Silhouette’s Atelier range is an expression of timeless elegance, showcased by precious gems, materials and exquisite craftsmanship.

Each rimless frame in the collection is handcrafted and totally unique. The Atelier range is made from precious materials including 18-carat solid yellow, white and rose gold that can be polished or brushed for a lustrous finish.

Hand selected, exquisite stones such as diamonds, rubies and blue and pink cabochon-cut sapphires are used as elegant decorative elements on selected Atelier models. All frames are customised, based on the wearers’ preference.

The Atelier range is all about bespoke luxury, achieved with bespoke lens shapes; graceful for women and a highly refined look for men.

Silhouette believes lens shapes express the unique personality of the wearer and with Atelier, there is an array of opportunities to create a personal piece of jewellery.

Atelier G009


Silhouette’s Atelier Collection follows in the tradition of craftsmanship, creating timeless, bespoke eyewear personally created for the wearer. Elegantly designed down to the last detail, the Atelier range incorporates state of the art precision manufacturing and time-honoured artisan techniques to produce beautiful, high end masterpieces .

Traditional goldsmiths and stone-setters techniques are paired with over 50 years experience in the manufacture of eyewear to create the Atelier Collection.

The result is luxurious, one of a kind eyewear. The Silhouette Arnold Schmied family hallmark is engraved on every pair, verifying that these are authentic Silhouette glasses handcrafted from exquisite materials.

Silhouette’s Managing Director, David Chalmers comments “The Atelier collection showcases the epitome of Silhouette’s styling and design. We are incredibly proud to be launching these beautiful frames to the UK market.”

Comfortably Different Rimless with the TX5 moulded bridge from Stepper

March 2016

SI 83110 from StepperRimless frames provide a useful alternative to conventional frames but choice is almost limited to zero for those who have a very sensitive bridge or for whom nose pads can prove problematic.

For some time Stepper has addressed this by offering rimless frames that incorporate a TX5 comfort bridge.

‘The bridge is moulded from TX5 and utilises the Stepper face contour know-how,’ comments Richard Crook, Managing Director, Stepper UK. ‘So the wearer benefits from great comfort derived from perfect fit and the hypoallergenic properties of the TX5 material.’

At first glance the new SI-83110 looks like a regular rimless Titanium frame. Closer inspection reveals that the Titanium bridge is set within a clear TX5 comfort bridge.

The conventional rimless appearance continues with the rest of the frame; lightweight with contemporary sides in Titanium incorporating a ‘vented’ centre design set within a smooth matt finish to the surround. It is available in Gold, Bronze, Gunmetal and Olive colours and weighs just 7.4g.

‘Comfort bridge rimless frames remain strong models for Stepper,’ continues Richard. ‘And this attractive and versatile rimless is soon to be joined by a new sister model to feature the comfort bridge.’ The womens style SI 94945 will be available in gun-metal sapphire and amethyst gold.

New Collections from Booth&Bruce.

March 2016

For the first time ever, Booth&Bruce have designed and produced a dedicated ready to wear sunglasses collection.

Their sunglasses brand is simply ‘SUN’ by Booth&Bruce.

Hipster from Booth and BrucsThey launched the collection at 100% Optical, London, in February, and have since exhibited at 2 more trade shows - MIDO in Milan, and Copenhagen Specs. At all 3 events the sunglasses were received extremely well, and there seemed to be a pair to fit everyone within the collection. B & B feel so proud of
their new styles - they hope you will like them too.

The styles were named before they were designed, and each was designed to fit an image of that person in the designer’s mind. For example, ‘Shady Queen’ is so fabulous, she just can’t help but steal your lime light - but she also revels in it!

And ‘Hustler’ is our cool, retro, man about town. He’s successful, and a charmer.

Shady Queen

A couple of styles we feel stand out are:
‘Shady Queen’ in the colour ‘stole the show’

and ‘Hipster Obviously’ in the colour ‘Eyes on me’

The rest of the styles will be found on our website soon, and in the meantime, you can see many of them on Instagram, by searching the hashtag #sunbyboothandbruce

Shamir Redefines the Measuring Experience for opticians and their customers with Spark Mi.

March 2016

Spark Mi from ShammirIt looks and acts like an ordinary tabletop mirror, but it’s actually an advanced new measuring device that allows ECPs to take all required measurements in one click, for clear or dark lenses.

Shamir will be launching its new advanced measuring device at Optrafair 2016 – Spark Mi. Although it looks like no more than a stylish tabletop mirror, it actually serves as a camera, a measuring tool, and an interface with the optician’s computer, all rolled into one.

Until now, measuring a customer for a new pair of glasses meant holding rulers in front of their eyes or having them wear funny gadgets on their chosen frame. It’s a time consuming process and uncomfortable for the customer.

With Spark Mi, the customer looks in the mirror, as they naturally would, wearing their chosen glasses.
The optician clicks once, and the client’s image is captured.

The image appears on the optician’s computer screen, along with an immediate and accurate, automatically measured PD. With that, the client’s measuring experience is done. The optician can now get all the other measurements needed from the computer: FH, frame box, DBL, BVD, panorameter and pantoscopic tilt.

A great advantage of Spark Mi is its ability to take measurements through dark-lensed sunglasses. Spark Mi is capable of clearly seeing the client’s pupils even with the darkest of lenses. Measurement for sunglasses is now just as quick, easy and accurate as clear lenses.

An attractive addition to any practice, Spark Mi offers clients greater comfort and a hi-tech experience, while saving the optician time and guarantees

Paperstyle Paper Eyewear impresses at Mido 2016.

March 2016

Dandy And Blu Sirio Patterns Debut In The Rx Line, Bronze, Dark Blue And Sea For The Sun Line.... Password: “Originality”

Auril from PaperstyleArtisan craftsmanship, renewable materials and rich design content all spell success for PaperStyle, the young, innovative eyewear brand established two years ago that is turning out small masterpieces. Entirely hand-made from an ancient yet fascinating ‘everyday’ material – paper is the number one ingredient. Each frame boasts its own individual personality, expressed through a blend of raw materials, artisan craftsmanship and cutting-edge design.



The PaperStyle project grew out of a lengthy journey of experimentation, research, prototypes and testing aimed at achieving the ideal frame, made entirely of paper. Using a patented process, 15 to 18 sheets of premium paper are pressed, glued, vacuum-dried and milled with a special three-dimensional tool. The outcome is mind-blowing – a moldable, incredibly durable, compact, yet lightweight, product.

The brand ushered in 2016 by launching the Artist by PaperStyle initiative: “Paper glasses become art - art becomes paper frames”. A collection forged in cooperation with European artists. The initial opus was designed by Truus Brands – a Dutch artist with a penchant for bold, brilliant colors – who created an extraordinary work of art, transformed by PaperStyle into real, wearable eyewear, in a limited edition of 500 one-of-a-kind pieces.

Merz from PaperstyleThe year progresses, driven not by art alone! In anticipation of summer, the Sun collection officially makes its debut at Mido, with three styles that offer vintage flavor with a modern soul. Auril is generously sized with a wave-like front that embellishes the lens and adds one-of-a-kind styling. Oversize and softened lines for Mei as well: the upper frame is decorated with a series of cutouts that lighten the structure for an eccentric but not exaggerated look. A more teardrop shape for Mertz: chic and unique to just the right degree.

All the styles come in three different colors: Bronze, a warm tone and one of the most popular trends for spring-summer 2016, it catches the light and hints at luxury, but with restraint. A metallic effect also enhances Dark Blue, a deep azure that tends toward silver for a whimsical, lunar look. Oceans of yearning inspire the Sea print, where schools of tiny, stylized fish flit over a turquoise ground, in a true ode to summer -- sun, shore, swooping into the waves! Inspired by the work of Truus Brands, this style is a must for the more adventurous… its unabashed colors and shapes narrate a story that begins in the Dolomite mountains and travels undersea to the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine.

With Dandy and Blu Sirio new colors and patterns are also introduced for the Rock prescription line. The PaperStyle range includes two prescription lines: the first is the Thin Collection, an authentic tribute to color; the Rock Collection takes a bolder approach: iconic shapes and more muted colors in 8 trend-setting styles.

Paperstyle Paper Eyewear is available Direct from the manufacturers and can be found in London Stockists.


Mykita launch first polarised sunglass... TRANSITION VAMP

March 2016

Transition Vamp from MykitaMYKITA MY+ launches the first polarised, photochromic, gradient lenses.

All the performance of polarised lenses that cancel the glare of ice, water or road surfaces joins the adaptability of UV sensitive transition lenses.

The gradient tone is not only a sophisticated look but also a functional addition that lends more or less shade as eyes
turn upward or downward.

The generous round shape of new model ERIN is ideal for showing off the carefully composed colour, tone and reflective coating of these high-performance lenses, which feature a green-brown base tint deepening to black under strong UV exposure.

Mainline Instruments launch the new Icare ic100 tonometer.

February 2016
icare ic 100 from Mainline InstrumentsThe new Icare ic100 tonometer is the next generation in eye pressure measurement.

Now opticians can offer their patients a much more comfortable way of measuring eye pressure.

The Icare® ic100 is a portable device that’s handheld and easy to use. Based on a rebound principle, it requires no drops, air or specialised skills to use.

Ordering your Icare® ic100 for a limited period will gain you two free boxes of probes worth £140.

Go to Mainline Instruments PHN webpage and link to their site.

Here is NINA in the QUI SUIS JE collection at OKO by OKO Paris.

February 2016

nina bu OKO by OKOAll over lace design, all in lightness, an overdose of femininity.

OKO by OKO Paris unveils in its QUI SUIS JE – LACE collection the optical metal frame NINA – directly inspired by the codes of femininity and lightness – drawing its inspiration in the women’s underwear and luxury lingerie, thus creating an upside down collection!

NINA is not like any other frame or an extra accessory, it’s beyond that. It’s a step further in the world of lace, lingerie and beautiful delicate fabrics.

Lace material of Nina

From the drawing to the frame… the laser cutting of the steel material perfectly reproduces and structures the design of ladies lingerie. A huge dose of femininity tinged with elegance and refinement. To be worn without moderation!


NINA is an ultra-light optical frame, with a pure design, elegant and extremely fluid and airy which enhances and light up the beauty of the look and expression of the one who wears it.


Nina in Blue


This frame is made for seductresses and for those who dare. It’s at the same time so beautiful on the face giving it lots of character and revealing true personality – and also almost invisible thanks to the openwork design.

It’s this game of contrasts between full material and openwork spaces which make it a unique frame.

And then, it demonstrates evidence of a consciously and elegantly yet offbeat design, as if the brand was giving life to its ideas and to its creations by pushing away the limits of the possible and by turning upside down received ideas.

NINA comes in 4 colors – NINA C01 (black on white) – NINA C02 (raspberry) – NINA C03 (night blue) – NINA C04 (white pearl).

LA DOLCE VITA, Lessons in Geometry, All-Round Eyewear

February 2016

A timeless style, a tribute to Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier 8 from La Dolce VitaFrom time immemorial, round-shaped eyeglasses have pushed their limits as simple objects to tell a story that crosses the centuries. They have been unperturbed travelers ever since the 13th century when, without side pieces, they appeared in the oldest iconographic document on the existence of eyewear, in a painting of Fra Ugone da Provenza by Tomaso da Modena.

Closer to the present-day, Gandhi flaunted and transformed them into a symbol of his civil disobedience. Yet they were propelled onto the stage of cult objects by one of the lads from Liverpool, John Lennon – the undisputed leader of The Beatles – who wore his round, fine glasses with the grace of a dreamer.

A few years before, the brilliant Swiss architect Le Corbusier was wearing them too, round, but black and thick. He inspired the La Dolce Vita eyewear company, set up in 2012 from an idea by two brothers, Alberto and Larry Sordi who made the Italian style their trademark and created an updated “round” model with reworked detailing and new materials.

The result is a pair of very out-of-the-ordinary glasses, somewhere between past and future, with a very strong and understated style that downplays the basic “round” shape that is found in geometry and eyewear.

The simple yet eccentric thick acetate (Mazzucchelli) frame gives this La Dolce Vita style –  renamed Le Corbusier 2.0 – a very vintage charm with a wide appeal for many people but not everybody. The frames are either matt or glossy black, for those who want to “stand out”, or in transparent blue acetate, which gives an evanescent luminosity to the face and can be used for either prescription eyewear or sunglasses.

Painstaking attention to detail, elegance, sophistication and originality are the buzzwords for this company whose vintage-inspired sunglasses and eyewear are all very stylish and full of personality. The frames are produced entirely in Italy. Distribution is expanding to northern Europe, and especially Germany, the United States and Argentina.

Read more about La Dolce Vita in the preview pages of 100% Optical.

Shamir announce new Graphite Green Transitions which can be seen at 100% this weekend.

February 2016

Shamir Green Transitions


New Shamir Transitions Graphite Green lenses perfectly complement most frames and colours from classic to cutting-edge style.

shamir prizes at 100% OpticalThis iconic colour offers patients enhanced colours and contrasts, creating more natural visions. Shamir look forward to welcoming customers their stand for a demonstration and a chance to win some super prizes.


Visit the Shamir stand (L110) at 100% Optical at Excel London this weekend, discuss our extended range of Shamir Transitions Adaptive lenses for a chance to win one of the following prizes:

Read Shamir's 100% preview page and their new suppliers guide page with links to their site.


February 2016


Mykita Mylon

Graceful models in determined, dynamic poses represent the characteristic modernity of MYKITA MYLON.

Displaying both a sense of tranquillity and force, the portrait series captures the dual nature of the range, which is equally at home in a fashion context or an active sports scenario.

Vivid daylight accentuates fresh faces, crisp architectural lines and surface textures for a sharp and contemporary aesthetic.

The sophisticated compositions with timeless appeal are the work of up-and-coming Dutch photographer Ester Grass Vergara, while the striking architecture in the background can be found in the historic city of Porto.

SPECTRALIS Connect Investment Club now open!

February 2016

The SPECTRALIS Connect Investment Club was officially opened for its second year on Saturday 6th February 2016 by Heidelberg Engineering and is set to bring cost savings and to facilitate access to advanced eye scanning technology.

All purchasers of the SPECTRALIS expandable imaging platform are eligible to join the club, which brings great benefits, as Krysten Williams, Heidelberg Engineering Director, explained –

“By combining the orders for SPECTRALIS systems and upgrades of many practices during the investment club period, we are able to offer more attractive pricing for each customer. The scheme covers all methods of financing the purchase. We want to really promote the fact that we have not just a superb OCT, but also an expandable multi-modality platform for enhanced patient care: an investment for the future,” said Krysten.

The Investment Club allows practices to expand the functionality of the SPECTRALIS, or invest in additional systems, at a significant cost reduction and is just one of the perks of the SPECTRALIS Connect Programme, which every practice is enrolled in when they become a SPECTRALIS owner:

 Two days on-site operator and clinical training.

 Free place on SPECTRALIS Operation and Interpretation Course.

 Front of house staff eye health check sales training.

 Access to the Connect Customer Portal and Online Certification Programme.

 Access to the Connect Business Academy for expert business advice on integrating multi-modality imaging into practice.

The SPECTRALIS Connect Investment Club is only open to new members from Saturday 6th February when 100% Optical opens until Monday 11th April 2016 when Optrafair 2016 closes.

Stepper's Classic Gents Design is all in the Detail

January 2016

Stepper Gents frames


A classic gents frame gains popularity if its design echoes styles that have gone before.

Function before form is often the key consideration for a man when he chooses a new frame.
This conservative approach to choosing classic men’s eyewear is understood by Stepper frame designers.

But even classic fashions change over time. Look closely at the Stepper SI-60066 and see how classic detailing has been updated; combining valued features with contemporary design and colouring to create a very desirable gents frame.

‘Initially you notice the simplicity of this frame,’ comments Richard Crook, Managing Director, Stepper (UK) Limited. ‘Using light yet outstandingly strong Titanium, we can develop slimline frames that echo the styling of similar classic styles but without the need for a chunky look or the weight.’

MODO Paper Thin 60066

Starting with a supra design with temples that are super-fine, the result is a front that looks clean and minimalistic. The clever side design features a split bar with a thinner, contrasting lower bar originating from a classy ‘SI’ logo and re-joining at the tip in a clever overlap detail.

'Classic yet modern sounds like a contradiction’, muses Richard, ‘but the SI-60066’s up to date detailing based on tried and trusted lines results in a very handsome frame that suits so many faces.’

With a choice of two bi-colour variants; blue on gunmetal and moss on gunmetal and weighing in at just 7.8g, this classic has proven extremely popular.

Available in Blue on Gunmetal, Moss on Gunmetal

INVU 2016 continues to excite customers with its newly extended range.

January 2016

INVU new rangeThe INVU Ultra Polarised collection from Norville has proved highly successful since its launch in December 2014.

Whilst retaining some of the 2015 best sellers in the range, this new season’s catalogue contains over 25 new models encompassing the very latest trends, all at impulse purchase prices.

Every frame is supplied with UV400 ultra-polarised lenses, resulting in quality glare-free vision.

The multi-layer construction of INVU ultra polarised lenses makes the lens virtually unbreakable; they can therefore be safely used for all outdoor activities.

INVU offers six quality collections:INVU Men’s is designed for an active lifestyle and high performance combined with latest design.

INVU new rangeOversized models continue to dominate the Women’s collection with eye-catching temple detail.

Choose from a great choice of wrap frames within our Active range, perfect for an outdoor lifestyle.

Eye-catching bright colours supplied in a variety of frames are offered in the Trend collection.Safety comes first with INVU Kids’; the range uniquely combines functionality, protection and fashion. 

With sell-out success last year, Easyfit Overspecs are designed for people who wear prescription glasses.

Consumers especially appreciate the convenience whilst driving.

First SPECTRALIS OCT2 delivered at University Hospital Southampton

January 2016

The first SPECTRALIS OCT2 Module, the next generation OCT from Heidelberg Engineering, has been delivered at Southampton General Hospital.

OCT2 from HeidelbergJust released, the much in demand upgrade provides a platform for advanced applications such as OCT angiography*.

“The imaging team and the consultants are all very excited about the new investment we made for the Eye Unit”, explains Gabriella De Salvo, Consultant Ophthalmologist at University Hospital Southampton. “We decided to invest in the SPECTRALIS OCT2 because we believe it is an excellent tool that will allow us to improve the quality of both our patient care and service. We trust that its high resolution and fast acquisition speed will have a huge impact on the number of patients we see in our outpatient clinics and will allow us to increase our capacity”.

“We have always believed in multimodality imaging and are eager to experience the latest diagnostic capabilities, such as 55° widefield MultiColor and BluePeak fundus autofluorescence”, continues Gabriella. “These new imaging modalities will enable us to be even more precise in the diagnosis and follow-up of various retinal and glaucomatous diseases, and to better study those conditions affecting the mid and peripheral retina.

"We value and find very useful the three-dimensional view of the retina visualised in the transverse image, and we are looking forward to seeing the release of the SPECTRALIS OCT Angiography Module*, which will certainly be the ‘cherry on the top’ of this marvellous diagnostic tool.”

The OCT2 Module brings the next generation of OCT technology to the SPECTRALIS diagnostic imaging platform.

It combines a high scan rate of 85,000 Hz with Heidelberg Engineering’s proprietary TruTrack Active Eye Tracking to provide excellent image quality and significantly improved acquisition speed.

*The OCT Angiography Modulefor SPECTRALIS is under development and not currently for sale.

Bespoke eyewear maker Tom Davies, is delighted to announce that in 2016 year, he will launch a brand new service called Made To Order.

January 2016

Tom Daviews Made to MeasureMade to Order, or MTO for short, will make it faster and easier for Opticians to make changes when using the Tom Davies Bespoke or Designer services and only cost a fraction more than a stock item!

“It's actually very similar to ordering a stock frame” says Davies “but in any colour or size”.

Since launching his Bespoke service 8 years ago, Tom’s factory has mastered the art of ‘Just in Time’ eyewear manufacturing. He doesn't just make his Bespoke glasses to order, but virtually all his stock is now made to order as well.

“My workshop has become so good at making glasses in just a few weeks that we are now able to offer this simple customisation service for just an additional £5.00 on the stock item.” says Tom Davies.

Launched in 2008, Tom Davies’ brand, TD Tom Davies, has completely revolutionised the eyewear market.

Tom Daviews Made to MeasureTom Davies has created his own service for Bespoke, made-to-measure and fully customisable eyewear, available from his flagship store at 54 Sloane Square in London and through a network of optical retailers worldwide.

Following several years spent working in a small frame factory in Hong Kong,

Tom returned to London to launch his own Couture service for producing oneoff, made-to-measure frames. Quickly, he found himself developing a Bespoke service to make his concept accessible to some of the world’s most exclusive Opticians.

Today, Tom Davies has over 1000 optical stockists worldwide offering the Bespoke service as well as the Ready-To-Wear and Limited Edition ranges.

Tom Davies will be presenting this mini revolution of Made To Order service at the Opti show in Munich this January 2016 and at 100% Optical in London in February. See our 100% preview pages here


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