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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, April to June 2016


BUDRI EYEWEAR: the project explained by the creators.

Mykita establish two new models.

Correction – Protection – Prevention with Essilor’s new Eye Protect System™

Shamir – Explains New and Unique progressive lens technology.

Silhouette Brings Botanical Beauty to Eyewear with Titan Accent Flora Edition.

New Superlite Frames from Norville Group.


Stepper brings "Light Relief"


"VINTAGE KICK" for the two creations by LA DOLCE VITA.


Be Eco-Friendly and Fashionable! Discover The New “Rebirth” Collection by Okia!

OLIVIERO CONTINI COLLECTION: Timeless Style in a new Concept


Basto Outdoor Rx Goggle - BS102 from Norville.

New Manhattan Collection from Tom Davies.

WEARABLE FUTURISM! from Mykita Mylon

INVU Sunglass Collections for Kids and us Big Kids!

KOMONO X TOMORROWLAND New Sunglass range available in UK.

Unlocking Stepper’s Colour Code.

Norville combines its branded Sunspecs to create a new 2016 Sunwear Catalogue.

Reduce your water usage by over 1 million litres of water per year.

Norville's latest Blitz Kidz catalogue has arrived!

"INTO THE WILD" with Mykita Kids Range.

“3d Block”: acetate becomes a 3d explosion of sparkling materials thanks to Okia’s hda® technology

New optical solution for people with far-sight launched by Adlens.

TAG HEUER selects Shamir optical as premium prescription lenses manufacturer for the panorama series.

Xavier Garcia Harmony of Shapes And Colours For Spring/Summer 2016.

Ogi Eyewear 9107: A New Arrival to the Heritage Collection.

A colourful summer with  UX - share your eyewear by x-ide.

Snowbird Finance launches Optilease, a finance product that will make your Optrafair trip worthwhile.

Eros Business Consulting launches Auto VatCalculator and Quick Check De Minimis checker.

BUDRI EYEWEAR: the project explained by the creators.

June 2016

Gianmarco Budri and Valerio Cometti join forces for the exclusive eyewear model in ultra lightweight marble.

Budri from Ital

Budri, the leading Italian inlay company of worldwide renown, with over fifty years’ experience working fine marbles and semi-precious stones, has applied its know-how to a new product segment that unites all those qualities of craftsmanship, technology, uniqueness and Italian design and production that have made its stone projects famous the world over.

Today Budri Eyewear is the culmination of an original, pioneering project launched in 2011, then suspended for two years as a result of the earthquake that struck Mirandola in 2012. The creative idea was developed thanks to extensive research that enabled the in-house development of a specific production technology which successfully combines the company’s outstanding workmanship with the know-how and genius of designer

Valerio Cometti,
as well as the expertise of some of the biggest names in the eyewear industry.

“Our passion stems from reverence for the rare, precious material that we are privileged to work” states Gianmarco Budri, CEO of the company. “For us, beauty is the driver of all our business decisions and there are no barriers or preconceived notions hindering the expressive capacity and production potential of marble. It was precisely with this spirit that we developed the Budri Eyewear project”.

“A project that started out almost as a joke, became a provocation, a challenge for us” continues Gianmarco Budri. “Today we can present a unique eyewear model, fashioned from marble, onyx or semi-precious stone using a patented production technique that makes it ultra lightweight. Each piece is absolutely exclusive and bespoke, characteristics deriving from the unique slab from which the glasses are crafted”. 

Every Budri Eyewear model encapsulates Italian manufacturing excellence, the precision of the company’s masters of inlay and technological innovation, which characterise production procedures and finishing. A designer object that summarizes know-how, an age-old art and skill that are so significant as to transcend fashion and trends.

“Conceptually, the idea of taking such a solid, heavy, rigid material and making it plastic, lightweight and almost fluid, was for me simply irresistible from the moment Gianmarco Budri involved us in the project” states Valerio Cometti. “The extremely rigid nature of the material meant that the design stage required an incredibly high level of precision, far greater than ever seen before in the field of eyewear”.

“I believe great credit must go to the manufacturing experience and skill involved” continues Cometti, “as well as the team that was created to take the Budri Eyewear project from the drawing board through to reality.

This project really is the culmination of Italian passion and excellence”.

The Budri Eyewear collection – men’s and women’s glasses and sunglasses – will be launched on the international market in September 2016 and will be available in stores from December

Mykita establish two new models.

June 2016

Mykita SIRUSIRU on the runway at Milan

The new MYKITA Damir Doma model SIRU got exclusively featured at the Damir Doma SS17 show during Milan Fashion Week.

The new style, a unisex round aviator with double bridge, joins the design concept of longtime favourites BRADFIELD and MADELEINE.

SIRU will be available in all MYKITA Shops and at selected retailers from autumn 2016 onwards.


Maison Margiela


The MYKITA + MAISON MARGIELA collaboration welcomes a new style to the ESSENTIAL collection.

The reduced concept of ESSENTIAL is made for experimental shapes. New model MMESSE012 may defy classification with its pentagon-cross-aviator form, but the proportions stay well balanced and flattering. An accentuated double-bridge rounds off this pure yet radical look.

Correction – Protection – Prevention with Essilor’s new Eye Protect System™

June 2016

Essilor Eye ProtectEssilor is launching Eye Protect System™ this summer, a lens innovation designed to protect against harmful light* and make eye protection accessible to all.

Eye Protect System™ provides embedded protection against harmful UV and blue-violet while letting good blue-turquoise transmit through the lens.

Currently most spectacle lenses that offer blue light protection are available through an AR coating or chemicals applied into the lens & have noticeable reflection and/or residual tint within the lens.

“Over several decades, helped by leading eyecare professionals, our innovations have improved the vision for millions of people,” said Mike Kirkley, managing director of Essilor UK.

“We also care about protecting eyes and this innovation is a further commitment to make blue-violet light and UV protection available for all. We will offer this technology as a fundamental part of our business at no extra cost, creating a new industry standard.”

“Eye Protect System™ will be available from 4th July on Essilor’s premium lenses, Varilux S series and Varilux E series, and all Essilor Transitions lenses with Crizal UV. Compared to standard AR coated lenses, Eye Protect System™ lenses are up to three times more protective against harmful light**. For ultimate protection, Eye Protect System™ can be combined with Crizal Prevencia.

“In lab research has shown that blue violet light damages retinal tissue through highlighting the reduction in this cell death through it being filtered out” said Andy Hepworth, professional relations manager at Essilor UK.

“As a leader in the optical industry, it is our duty to provide solutions that mean eyecare professionals can offer patients protection as well as correction, and so offer the best ophthalmic lens solutions on the market.”

Eye Protect System will provide protection against harmful blue-violet and UV light. All Eye Protect System™ lenses will have an E-SPF of 10 and above***. For protection against more intense amounts of blue and UV light encountered outdoors, sunwear lenses should be worn - such as Xperio™ polarised sun lenses manufactured by Essilor.
The launch will be supported by trade materials such as product information, point of sale items to display in practice, animated video to raise awareness amongst patients on the consequences of harmful light, marketing support, training and a digital campaign.

** up to three times more protective against Blue-Violet light than standard prescription lenses, based on in vitro photoprotection tests on retinal cells”. Blue-Violet light protection is measured through in vitro photobiology experiments conducted by Essilor and Paris Vision Institute. Photosensitised RPE (Retinal Pigment Epithelium) cells were exposed to Blue-Violet light, reproducing the physiological exposure to sunlight of the 40 year old eye. For Eye Protect System™ lenses with Crizal Forte ® UV antireflective coating, 25% decrease in light-induced retinal cell death versus no filter. For Eye Protect System ™ lenses with Crizal ® Prevencia ® antireflective coating, 35% decrease in light-induced retinal cell death versus no filter. For 1.5 or Poly lens material with Crizal Forte ® UV antireflective coating, about 7% decrease (mathematically modelled) in light-induced retinal cell death versus no filter.

*** The E-SPF® index depends on the lens material itself and the coating. E-SPF® is a global index rating the overall UV protection of a lens. E-SPF® was developed by Essilor International and endorsed by 3rd party experts.
Lens performance only. The E-SPF® index excludes direct eye exposure that depends on external factors (wearer’s morphology, frame shape, position of wear).
Excludes Orma 1.5 lenses which have an E-SPF of 10

Shamir – Explains New and Unique progressive lens technology.

June 2016

Shamir Autograph III

Shamir incorporates four unique technologies into the latest progressive lens designs, which results in much greater fields of vision at all viewing distances, less distortion and crucially a softer lens design.

The result, patients can move quickly and comfortably between viewing zones without aberration, from near tasks such as reading, intermediate for smart phones and computers and distance viewing with no compromise.

Unlike previous progressive lens technology we are now able to take this new technology and apply it to both sports wrap lenses and large fashion lenses. Offering a solution to patients with specific lifestyle needs is now easy for both clear lenses, Autograph IIIR and sun lenses Attitude IIIR.

The ergonomic design ensures that near distances fit perfectly into the progressive lens corridor minimising the need to tilt the head to focus on near tasks.

With any of Shamir As WornTM products the lens design is specifically adapted to suit the chosen frame, so any prescription problems that may arise due to variations in pantoscopic tilt, back vertex distance or face form angle are eliminated.

The Shamir Autograph IIIR lens is adapted to each individual and their specific needs.

Shamir's mission is to improve the spectacle wearer’s visual experience by recreating perfect vision through our advanced portfolio of lens designs.

Shamir are PHN sponsors helping us deliver free news and knowledge to the Optical Profession. See their PHN page here.

Silhouette Brings Botanical Beauty to Eyewear with Titan Accent Flora Edition

June 2016

Silhouette FloraSilhouette steps into summer in style, with the launch of the new Titan Accent Flora Edition eyewear collection.

Inspired by abstract Spanish tile patterns and exotic, colourful flower gardens, combined with edgy urban style, the Titan Accent Flora Edition offers a vibrant statement of botanical beauty that’s perfect for the summer season.

In shades of khaki, saffron, teal, aubergine and lemon, mixed with classic monochrome, these delicately printed floral frames combine sleek lines and colourful prints to offer a subtle flash of timeless glamour with a distinctly modern twist, bringing out the extraordinary in every wearer.

Silhouette FloraThe Titan Accent Flora Edition comprises six women’s models, featuring fresh, flattering variations of warm and cool tones to suit every complexion. Six distinctive lens shapes are available, ranging from quirky round frames to the classic cat-eye, ensuring that every individual’s personal style is truly unmistakeable.

Karen Parsons, Head of Marketing, Silhouette, said, “This collection is a wonderful, fresh summer update. Elegant flashes of colour offer a contemporary style update”.

Prices start from £93.

New Superlite Frames from Norville Group.

June 2016

Norville's SuperliteThe Superlite collection introduces 14 new frames to its 2016 range, now making 54 current models in all.

Frame stylists can pick & mix any combination of frame colour, lens shape and eyesize to produce your patient's ideal choice.

Colours available in the new collection are: Brown, Black, Pink, Red, and Shiny Gold. Picture SL54 in Red

Glazed with Trivex 1.53 and Tribrid 1.6 all underpinned with a 2 year warranty against breakage.

Unlike rimmed frames, rimless do not reduce the view field, improving peripheral vision.

Superlite frames are made from superb quality materials including Titanium, TR-90 and Stainless Steel. All with 100% quality guarantee, making Superlite the prime bespoke rimless range in the market and all at great value.

Eyesize: 50mm Bridge: 18 Temple: 135

50mm Bridge: 21 Temple: 135

For Superlite catalogue and general package arrangements, contact Norville.


June 2016

EyeSpace Rock Star starsWith The ‘Road To Rio’ And UEFA Euro 2016 Now Well Underway, Multi-Award Winning Frame Supplier, Eyespace, are embracing The Summer Of Sport with a Promotional Campaign for their Children’s Rock Star Brand, which will see opticians flying out of the summer holiday starting-blocks.

Perfectly timed for the seasonal peak in eye examinations, Eyespace is offering practitioners complementary Limited Edition 500ml Rock Star Sports Bottles as a gift with purchase for their younger patients.

Rock Star BottleMade in the UK, the BPA-free water bottles feature a specialist one-way valve mechanism in the cap, which is far superior to standard bottle designs.

With its confident, sporty, unisex design the Rock Star sports bottles will be this summer’s must-have accessory for active children, no matter their age.
Nicky Clement, Marketing Manager at Eyespace, commented: “With ‘Run to Rio’ and ‘Daily Mile’ activities taking place in schools across the nation, kids are loving being more active. Children have a higher proportion of body water than adults though, so remaining hydrated while having fun is of particular importance, especially in warmer weather. Whether you’re adventuring outdoors, playing in the first team, or out for a day-trip, summer holidays are thirsty work and water bottles are a must-have for kids on the go."

" In true Rock Star style, we have created a bottle that looks great and makes keeping cool fashionable. With quality always a priority, we researched intensively to find a bottle that far exceeds UK standards so parents will trust it to serve its purpose perfectly too.”

To coincide with the promotion, Eyespace are running a Rock Star window competition on Twitter that could see participants win back their order.

Window banner

While maintaining emphasis on comfort, fit and quality, Rock Star brings highly fashionable, statement frames to the practice that kids just can’t keep their hands off!

In line with Rock Star’s super-cool style, the POS offering is bright and eye-catching: participating practices will receive a double-sided concertina window banner to promote the offer over the summer months, which sits in perfect harmony with the brand’s existing merchandising tools.

Stepper brings "Light Relief"

June 2016

It is Stepper’s technical know-how that has allowed the brand to continue to excite with new and innovative patterns and colourings to embellish its ‘oh-so-comfortable’ frames.

The new SI-50124 is a good example of what the latest in frame manufacturing can deliver. Based on a classic combination profile, the upper parts of this Titanium frame display exquisite design and colouring that is truly delightful.

‘Imagine a Batique print or a classic Biba dress to give you some idea of the pattern,’ explains Hans Stepper, Founder.

‘The look is more fabric than metalwork and the overall styling has a very fashionable ‘retro’ feel.’ The relief is an organic feather or leaf design and is available in three stunning colour variants; Bronze feather, blue feather and black feather.

The frame is 100% Titanium so the beauty of the SI-50124 is more than skin deep; offering lightness, durability and hypoallergenic benefits to the wearer. ‘Indeed, a weight of just 8.5g is remarkable for such a sophisticated frame,’ concludes Hans.


May 2016

Innovation, style and glamour sum up the new models from Blackfin, the latest additions to the Spring/Summer 2016 eyewear collection.

Models for men and women, whose distinctive designs feature an interplay of contours and thickness, interpreting the Blackfin mood anew: ultra-lightweight frames in titanium and beta-titanium with contrasting colours and top quality lenses.

BF 766The men’s sunglass San Diego BF766 embodies all this, its large, angular lenses and double bridge have a strong 1970s feel.

The slender lines are accentuated by the colour combinations: matte dark grey/yellow with gold mirrored lenses, dark grey/black with grey graduated-tint lenses and dark grey/gold with brown graduated-tint lenses.


BF767Palm Beach BF767 is the archetypical cats-eye shape interpreted in Blackfin style. A bold, hyper-feminine frame laden with retro-chic allure.

The bas-relief sculpted top rim, its sinuous lines emphasised by a dual colour scheme, creates an attractive three-dimensional effect. This sunglass is available in three versions featuring the new colours mocha and dove-grey with graduated-tint lenses of the same tones.



BF 763The new spectacle frames include the model Amelie BF763 whose soft contours and big eye-rims make it ideal for glazing with progressive lenses.

With five colour-combinations to choose from, there is something for every taste, with a play of colours on the inside and outside of the frame. Fluorescent sky blue, purple or rose pink are teamed with opaque dark grey or dark brown for a really striking look.

BF 768Norman BF768 is a man’s frame with a strong personality. A modern angular shape, the thickness of the top rim that runs right across the front gives it its character and is in perfect balance with the temples.
The colouring emphasises the design with contrasting inner/outer tones and there are five colour combinations, to match any mood.

All Blackfin frames have Swordfish temple tips, a company patent whose break-off guides make it possible to shorten the temples in three simple moves.

They are all made according to the neomadeinitaly rules, a new strictly all-Italian production model that takes care not only of the product but the people who make it, paying homage to that quintessential Italian excellence and all those who represent it. That’s not all, the neomadeinitaly concept also involves an innovative way of thinking and of working. This is an approach born of passion, dedication, respect and care for the workers and their working environment

"VINTAGE KICK" for the two creations by LA DOLCE VITA.

’60s and ’70s allure comes back with two exclusive eyewear models

The new British style from the early ’60s and the ’70s, a time of political protests and costume revolutions, characterizes the latest creations by LA DOLCE VITA: Tevere and Oscar.

History teaches us that costume and fashion go hand in hand, political movements have influenced the mood and style of these two decades during which, refined details and London’s bon-ton fashion coexist with the hippie style.

Flared trousers, miniskirts, A-line dresses, wide and rounded shaped sunglasses, floral prints… clothes and accessories that set a distinct style for those who want to stand out.

Tvere by La Dolce VitaTevere, the new frame by LA DOLCE VITA, is inspired from the ‘60s, with its strong lines and slightly sharp edges which give it a strong charme; a must-have for any romantic soul in a modernist mood.

Tevere comes in three colours: timeless black, classic dark brown Havana and elegant blue.

Oscar by La Dolce VitaInfluenced by the rebel curvy lines of the ‘70s, Oscar, the other new model released by LA DOLCE VITA is characterized by a young and fresh cut. The wide front, with its sensual character is the perfect reminder of the political movements that have achieved great goals and changed many generations.

Oscar is available in matt black, bordeaux and light brown Havana.

Sophisticated design, high quality materials, meticulous attention to details and handcrafts skills make each LA DOLCE VITA model a little piece of art, not to miss in any sophisticated men's or women's wardrobe!


May 2016

Audacia by SpektreSpektre, the Italian eyewear brand that with its sunglasses has won over bloggers, designers and top models around the world, debuts on the international market with the collection of prescription frames.

In line with the mood of the sun models, the new frames represent the clever balance between classical sophistication and modern street style. Thirteen styles which stand out for the choice of neutral tones – such as brown, havana, honey, black – totally made in Italy with materials of the highest quality. Eyewear for man and woman to stylishly complete their own everyday look.

Memento, a quintessentially Spektre frame, recalls one of the most iconic sunglass style of the brand. Available in two eye sizes – 48 and 51 – it brings a wide and vintage-inspired shape thanks to the keyhole bridge and ellipse pins.

MI6 and Cavour pay tribute to the modern intellectual: two round frames in acetate with a retro soul, which is highlighted by the black/havana/tortoise tones of the material.

Memento by SpektreThe classic front in acetate is combined with the modern touch of the titanium temples in the models Lynch and Kubrick: the first has a rectangular square shape, while the second brings softer and bolder lines.

Within the very feminine proposals, Audacia – one of the Spektre sunglasses best seller – comes now in more sober colours. A stainless steel metal bridge lightens the frame and adds a touch of personality to this refined and elegant piece of eyewear.

The new Spektre prescription collection is available in the best opticians’ shops in more than 56 countries around the world.

Designed in Milan, proudly Made in Italy.

Be Eco-Friendly and Fashionable! Discover The New “Rebirth” Collection by Okia!

May 2016

Rebirth by OKIAAlways committed to research and innovation, OKIA - the Hong Kong-based eyewear company celebrating its patented HDA® Technology’s 10th anniversary this year - is proud to announce the launch of “Rebirth”, a new surprising, shiny and eco-friendly HDA® collection.

“Rebirth” is inspired by the concept of recycling, an important trend that can be seen today in different markets. “Sensitivity to nature and attention towards eco-friendly products have tremendously increased during the last years”, comments Jacky Lam, General Manager at OKIA. “That is why we have decided to apply the concept of recycling and converting wasted materials into reusable objects to the eyewear world”.

Rebirth by OKIAShell pieces - the main components of the “Rebirth” collection’s design concept - are laminated into the acetate in order to produce a gorgeous and extremely bright effect. A really surprising blend of environmental sustainability and fashion is featured in these new frames that will seduce the feminine public through the unique elegance of the selected materials.

Romantic and perfect for the coming holiday season, “Rebirth” is a vivid explosion of shades and lights that will make your look enviable while helping the planet.

OLIVIERO CONTINI COLLECTION: Timeless Style in a new Concept

May 2016

OLIVIERO CONTINIOLIVIERO CONTINI – historic brand by Area98 – introduces its new frames dedicated to glamorous women and career-oriented men, today’s icons of a sober and unconventional style.
To emphasize feminine look, the collection chooses square, oval and cat-eye-shaped outlines.

It further suggests tortoise acetate fronts combined with opalescent temples, or light metal versions combined with contrast-coloured temples finished off with Swarovski elements and stylish geometrical decorations.

OC’s OV4209 model confers a classic though resolute allure thanks to its neutral tones and the spiralled crystal drops, a highly distinctive touch on the temple that is to be found as well in our OV4210 model.

OLIVIERO CONTINIA sober elegance distinguishes our OV4217 model, coming in timeless black, as well as in innovative tortoise or double-coloured versions, and enriched with a precious chiselled metal decoration on its side with matching crystals.

Temples enclose refined details recalling ancient jewellery, such as the mosaic and paste enamels in our OV4213 and OV4214 models, or the metal and Swarovski elements weaved patterns in our OV4215 and OV4216 models.

Oliviero Contini’s men style is characterised by square shapes combined with a sensational tone range.

OLIVIERO CONTINIAs in OC’s nylor OV4223 model with its metal top rim combined with double-coloured acetate temples and tiny inserts on hinges and tips.

This brand confirms its typical sobriety in its OV4224 model, a classical square frame with a totally new personality given by the small plates positioned at the golden and silver hinges, with silk screen printed logo and decorative screws.

Their OV4220 model confers a twist to the collection just moving the logo on the tip and realising metal temples with vertical inserts.


May 2016

Mykita HighsNobietyTo mark its ten-year anniversary, Highsnobiety teams up with MYKITA for a limited edition sunglass frame.

The MYKITA for HIGHSNOBIETY model ATKA features one of the latest design concepts to emerge from the MYKITA HAUS.

A simple technical construction unites two contrasting materials – warm, vivid acetate and sleek stainless steel – for a perfectly balanced and supremely light frame.

Limited to 300 pairs worldwide, the special edition is now available in selected MYKITA Shops and fashion retailers.

Basto Outdoor Rx Goggle - BS102 from Norville

May 2016

Basto Outside Goggle

Norville introduces the Basto Outdoor Rx Goggle.


The Basto outdoor goggle is a unisex polarised eyewear ideal for cycling: available in black, blue or silver colours.

BS 102

Placed in a zip-fit box with a belt clip, it is ideal for an outdoor adventure. It comes with 5 interchangeable plano polycarbonate face plates:

• Grey polarised
• Pale blue flash mirror - UV400 50% LT
• Pale grey / gold flash mirror - UV400 70% LT
• Dark brown blue AR coated - UV400 20% LT
• Pale yellow - UV400 70% LT

Silver Basto from Norville

Includes a crystal Rx insert.
Fantastic value at an all-in price of £19.50.


Size: A 47mm, B 26mm
Shields - A 80mm, B 45mm
Temple - 135mm

New Manhattan Collection from Tom Davies.

May 2016

Manhattan Collection TD Davies

Tom Davies launching new ready-to-wear and limited edition collections.

The Manhattan Collection was such an instant success that I had to create another one.

The second collection takes the same themes as the first, however with more of a bold and dramatic touch.

The new Manhattan Collection combines a pop of color to the frames with a more traditional and classic structure.

The key to this collection is how each frame has an elegant yet modern acetate and titanium combination that blend effortlessly together.

WEARABLE FUTURISM! from Mykita Mylon

May 2016

Mykita Hybrid

MYKITA MYLON introduces HYBRID, a new eyewear concept defined by classic shapes in a progressive material mix of gleaming stainless steel and matt laser sintered MYLON.

The line embodies MYKITA’s core competences: precision craftsmanship and the use of advanced technologies.

Intricate handcraft merges with the unique possibilities of 3D manufacturing.

The result is a supremely light, flexible and resilient pair of glasses in a contemporary and refined style.

INVU Sunglass Collections for Kids and us Big Kids!

May 2016

INVU 2016 KIDS’ COLLECTION - Trendy Eyewear for ages 1-16


Clement INVU K 2420DSun protection for children's sensitive eyes is vital.


The INVU 2016 kids' collection has the ultimate polarised lens technology, with every frame supplied with 100% UV400 ultra-polarised lenses, resulting in quality glare-free vision.

An extensive selection of sizes and colours available for children aged from one all the way to teens and tweens.

Norville also offer a specialised material for perfect comfort and safety for babies and toddlers, with a wide range of trendy adult styling scaled down to perfectly fit smaller faces.

INVU 2016 TREND COLLECTION - "Reflecting the best of the current trends"

Trend collection features bright colours and mirror coatings , supplied in a variety of classic and fashionable frames for both genders.


The highly efficient polariser and intelligent light management system INVU ultra polarised lens delivers perfect, glare-free vision.

For adventurous youth, INVU provides ultra-polarised lenses with precision hard-coat layer that hinders scratching.


May 2016

Komono introduces a new sunglasses collection realized in collaboration with the famous electronic music festival Tomorrowland

Komono X Tomorrowland

Komono - the Belgian watches and sunglasses brand globally known for its unique combination of fashion details and quality production - launches KOMONO X TOMORROWLAND, a new sunglasses collection developed with the electronic music festival Tomorrowland.

KOMONO X TOMORROWLAND is a perfect example of Komono’s commitment to push the boundaries of the known accessory world and conquer new frontiers through special collaborations with artists and events from around the globe.

The new collection is a blend of truly kindred spirits: both brands began their story in the tiny kingdom of Belgium and both of them dreamed big, creating their own unique global community.

Inspired by a world without borders and combining fashion and music, reality and fantasy, light and dark, the collection is made of six typically timeless and timely Komono frames that set themselves apart by matching translucent gradient prints with gradient lenses.

Each style comes with a cleaning cloth and a hard case and is inscribed with words of wisdom that invite people to keep a magical perspective on life.

– “Never change”

An avant-garde Komono frame, the Clement is all about sophisticated details, soft angles and curves. Available with yellow gradient lenses and tips.



VIVIEN – “Happy Looks Good on You”

Sometimes it's a fine line between 'just OK' design and brilliant design: the Vivien, with yellow gradient lenses and tips, gently picks up that fine line and places it in the center of its elegant silhouette.


CocoCOCO – “Dare to Dream”

This oversized Komono classic design is the ideal choice to make a statement.
Matched with pink gradient lenses and tips, it will surely get you noticed.


LuluLULU – “Memories Last Forever”

The lines of the Komono Lulu have a slight upsweep at the edges: a little flourish at the corners, not unlike a curly tip on a gentleman's moustache or a cheeky smile at the edge of your lips.
Available with pink gradient lenses and tips.


DreyfussDREYFUSS – “Seize the Moment of Happiness”

The Dreyfuss, with teal gradient lenses and tips, is a refined frame with a subtle, arched bridge that transforms just about any facial expression into a highbrow event.


FrancisFRANCIS – “See the Beauty in Everyone”

The rounded frame and narrow profile give the Francis a lighter, airier appearance.
Matched with teal gradient lenses and tips, this slender-templed masterpiece is the perfect harmony of svelteness and vibrancy.


The Komono UK distributor is:


CM Delta
222 Kensal Road, Unit 320
W10 5BN London

Unlocking Stepper’s Colour Code.

April 2016

Stepper New Colour CodeWhen it comes to sophisticated colour coordination used in conjunction with hi-tech material combinations, Stepper frames continue to pioneer with exciting new designs.

The new SI-30069 cleverly fuses Titanium with TX5. With this frame, which material is used for which part remains unclear until you take a closer look.

‘The ‘bar-code’ pattern on the Titanium side and temple is, for me, the stand out feature on this frame,’ comments Richard Crook, Managing Director, Stepper UK. ‘Cleverly crafted in Titanium, its 3D ridges are highlighted in complementary colourations that draw the eye with their elegance and ingenuity.’

The Titanium and TX5 work harmoniously together to give the frame its distinctive, contemporary look. This, combined with their hypoallergenic properties and their lightweight, add to the frame’s appeal.

Wonderful colouring adds further to the appeal, being available in ‘Ruby Red’, ‘Golden Sand’ and ‘Sapphire Blue’, with each colourway being given its own highlight colouring treatment.

‘As the bridge is constructed from TX5, classic Stepper comfort is guaranteed,’ continues Richard. ‘But the wearer will also benefit from the fact that Stepper has put in so much of its frame design and manufacturing expertise to create a truly innovative piece of eyewear.’

Norville combines its branded Sunspecs to create a new 2016 Sunwear Catalogue.

April 2016

Norville Sunwear Catalogue


Featuring 29 new designs, the branded sunwear collections of Barbour, Barbour International and Duck & Cover offer the latest looks with great quality frames.

Varied styles include the classic Aviator & Wayfarer, with detailing such as double bridges, pins and branded plaques.


Colours are mostly neutral with acetate blacks, browns, torts and metal silver/gun finishes


Complete glazed frame and lens package prices are available including a whole range of single vision and multifocal ophthalmic lens options resulting in convenience and excellent savings.


Reduce your water usage by over 1 million litres of water per year*

April 2016

Mainline Optical Connections announce the launch of their latest filtration systems.

Designed to work with all leading edgers the Duo can be configured to work with either 1 industrial robotic edger or 2 bench top edgers. We also have a compact version if space is an issue.

Save Money

We calculate if you are on a water meter and are charged for both water in and out, it costs approximately £0.03 per lens, if you are doing 100 jobs per day either through 1 industrial edger or 2 bench tops your water bill could be in excess of £2,000.00 per year!

Save Water

Using the assumption of an average lens using 15 litres of water (Some complex lenses, rimless etc could use 30 litres) and 100 jobs per day you could save 1 million litres of water per year!

Mainline Optical Connections Duo System


The Mainline Duo System

The Mainline Duo system costs £2,495.00 EXC VAT giving potential payback in around 15 months if you are on metered water and produce 100 jobs per day.

The 140 litre tank enables the water to stay at a constant temperature and has the space for 4 edger pumps and/or an optional chiller.

It is easy to install and upkeep by emptying the filter socks once a week.

Save money whilst doing your bit for the environment!

*Based on 100 jobs per day, each lens using 15 litres of water.

Go to Mainline's PHN page and link to their site for further details.



Norville's latest Blitz Kidz catalogue has arrived!

April 2016

New Blitz Catalogue

The Blitz Kidz frame range is fun and fresh for kids ages 6 months to 12 years old.


Persuading a young child to wear glasses can be challenging.

Here at Norville we make our glasses exciting by providing both girls and boys with appealing colours and designs.

The new catalogue features six new trendy models including BK036 available in colours blue, red and orange, giving kids a wide range to select from.

Every frame also comes with a free case.

Durability is a key factor for any childs frame; their adventurous antics can really test the construction and impact resistance.

Norville offers a fantastic 2-years "No Quibble" guarantee against breakage when supplied glazed with TRIVEX - TRILOGY lenses.

"INTO THE WILD" with Mykita Kids Range

April 2016

Mykita Kids Range

Two new arrivals join the MYKITA FIRST collection for kids and teens: Oversize, butterfly sunglasses KEA is sure to set the hearts of all flamboyant mini-divas aflutter, while panto-shaped BELUGA in new soft lacquer International Blue holds a casual, unisex appeal.

For the 2016 lookbook, New York-based artist Mark Borthwick photographed a young troupe of adventurers by a lake in the Brandenburg forest near Berlin.


Known for his experimental, intimate style, Borthwick perfectly captured the playful, modern Huckleberry Finn mood of the day.

“3d Block”: acetate becomes a 3d explosion of sparkling materials thanks to Okia’s hda® technology

April 2016

OKIA has chosen Mido again as the stage for the official launch of its latest concept, named “3D Block”.

OKIA 3D BlockThe result of the continuous evolution and improvement of the patented HDA® Technology, “3D Block” is a surprising new concept developed through the combination of high definition colours with special solid materials such as crystals, glitters, pearls and gold foil.

HDA® Technology has revolutionized the world of eyewear design introducing the possibility of choosing among unlimited colours, patterns and shapes and customizing them based on the brand DNA.

Now, thanks to “3D Block”, OKIA is able to go one step further and to blend the incredible HDA® colours with different sparkling materials.

Thanks to this amazing mix an impressive three-dimensional effect is produced within the acetate base, for an unmatched look and feel.

Through the new “3D Block” concept acetate becomes a vivid explosion of shades and lights: solid materials can be combined with any kind of colour and pattern, allowing customers to express their individuality and giving a touch of uniqueness to their look.

New optical solution for people with far-sight launched by Adlens.

April 2016

Adlens®, the global leader in adjustable focus eyewear, has announced the launch of Adlens Select™ in Europe, their instant eyewear product with a higher magnification power.

Adlens SelectAdlens Select, which features award-winning Alvarez technology, boasts an adjustable dioptre range from -4D to +5D. The higher magnification power gives customers with far-sight the ability to see and read even finer detail.

The eyewear feature lenses that can be continuously adjusted for near, intermediate and distance vision at the turn of a small dial. Refined temple arms give the glasses a streamlined appearance and secure fit.

The launch of Adlens Select follows the successful introduction of a similar product in Japan and will be available in black, crystal, chestnut, blue, and plum coloured frames.

Dr Karen Fitchett, Director of Product Management at Adlens, said: “Adjustable eyewear is a simple solution for people frustrated by their changing eyesight.

Adlens Select will be a huge advantage to our customers with far-sight, who require a greater magnification for their near vision.”
Drew Oppermann, Vice President of International Sales, said: ““We have been selling a similar product in Japan, which our customers have responded extremely positively to, and we’re looking forward to offering the same benefits to the European market.”

Adlens Select is available now, with a RRP €32.

TAG HEUER selects Shamir optical as premium prescription lenses manufacturer for the panorama series.

April 2016

Iconic Brand Will Propose Sport Optics World Leader Services through Its Rewarded and Unique Panorama Collection

Tag Heuer LogoLaunching at Optrafair 2016 stand Q80

A decade after adding men’s eyewear to its production stream, TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear dominates the premium sector of this highly competitive market.

Designed and manufactured in its workshop in Morez in the French Jura mountains, TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear’s pioneering lines are world-renowned for their advanced design, materials and ergonomics.

Partnering with people who, like the brand, have changed their times and made their mark: Sébastien Ogier and his World Rally Championship winning team Volkswagen Motorsport, the Ayrton Senna Foundation and his iconic Brazilian F1 driver or the Mahindra Racing, Karun Chandhock and Bruno Senna’s team in Formula E, the world’s first fully-electric racing series. Like these exemplary persons, TAG Heuer never follows. It leads. It doesn’t keep time. It changes it.

Indeed, to fit the rewarded and patented Panorama Collection, the partner had to offer both sport values and avant-garde technologies; exactly Shamir Optical’s motivations and philosophy.

Tag Heuer


Starting this spring, in the European market, Shamir Optical is offering a complete range of prescription lenses, either for outdoor or indoor activities, especially designed for Panorama. Shamir Optical successfully passes the Panorama’s approval tests and this certification allows them to manufacture prescription lenses and sun lenses for the entire TAG Heuer eyewear collection according to TAG Heuer Eyewear quality standards.



Like its watchmaking counterpart, TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear breaks the rules, looks forward and shakes up the limits.

Xavier Garcia Harmony of Shapes And Colours For Spring/Summer 2016.

April 2016

Xavier Garcia Collection

Xavier Garcia, the Spanish brand established in 2008 that reflects the style, shades and culture of its native city Barcelona, launched a colorful Spring-Summer Collection 2016.

The Catalan brand never ceases to amaze with its fun, bold and non-conformist collections for summer 2016.

While creative inspiration always comes from the roots, from the foundation of its character, so Xavier Garcia started with the colours of Barcelona to rework the iconic shapes and symbols of eyewear.

Xavier Garcia modelThe sunglasses collections in acetate, which have been inspired by the fabulous 60’s, feature extraordinary shapes, daring colours and harmonious textures.
Xavier Garcia collections are an expression of great tradition mixed with elements of modernity.

Wearability, colours, shades, out-of-the-ordinary and all-new shapes are some of the buzzwords for the Spanish brand in summer 2016.

Every piece of Xavier Garcia becomes a small work of art where extreme research has gone into shapes, proportions and colours.

All the creations are eminently comfortable, adapt to urban lifestyles, unmistakable and always sure to turn heads!

Ogi Eyewear 9107: A New Arrival to the Heritage Collection.

April 2016

Ogi Mod 9107Ogi Eyewear, designer of handmade luxury frames, is excited to announce the arrival of the 9107—a feminine frame characterized by its vivacious coloration, unique shaping, and diligently placed details.

Ogi Eyewear designs luxury spectacles unrivaled in quality and value. At the forefront of contemporary optical design,

Ogi constantly releases trendsetting styles that set the most demanding standards in the industry and push the parameters of affordable luxury.

More about the Model 9107

The latest arrival to the Heritage Collection, Ogi’s 9107 is handcrafted from premium acetate.

Ogi Mod 9107 Group

Designed in a flattering shape, this feminine frame’s decorative color accents—stylishly situated on the front temples—add a dash of flair.

The perfect everyday pair for the professional, yet fashionable, for woman to wear at the office or over the weekend.

The 9107 is available in four trendsetting color options. The design of the 9107 is guided by Ogi’s core principles: innovation, originality, quality, and value.

A colourful summer with  UX - share your eyewear by x-ide.

April 2016

UX Share your Eyewear by X-IDE are a sophisticated and trendy expressions of traditional Italian style.

xide ModelUX is the ideal product for outdoor activities, at the beach, in the mountains; anywhere fun is in the mix – all day, every day must-haves.

UX Share your Eyewear by X-IDE are packaged in a custom-designed flask, an eyewear case that becomes a useful companion for everyday adventures.

Creative, dynamic, colorful and trendy.

UX is a product that expresses the constant mobility of young people and the world.

An object ‘in becoming’ that is constantly reinventing itself, like young people themselves, always in search of new experiences and trends.

Guaranteed quality at an affordable price for a super colourful summer!                 

UX Share Your Eyewear by X-IDE eyewear are manufactured by Immagine 98 

Immagine 98
is a leader in the eyewear industry, set among the Dolomites: “the most beautiful mountains in the world”.

Located in Calalzo di Cadore, in the heart of global eyewear production.

Immagine 98 is a creative lab where the exchange of values and the quest for excellence lie at its core. Run by a highly skilled and dedicated group whose strengths are design, research and Italian style.

Snowbird Finance launches Optilease, a finance product that will make your Optrafair trip worthwhile.

April 2016

You might not think financial products are very sexy and indeed you might only consider choosing one as a secondary part of equipment purchasing. Think again!

You would be armed with financial advice before making and offer on a house so why not when considering large capital purchases?

Snowbird Finance provides a complete overview to its clients in its lending function of finance with specefic advice for the Optical Business and in the course of its working with them has discovered when explaining the VAT ramifications of purchases of equipment and refits at least two small but successful practices who have lost considerable amounts of money following random HMRC inspections.

Bob Hutchinson (Eros Business Consulting) has confirmed to them (Snowbird) that many practices are unaware that a De Minimis calculation should be made at each return and in today’s optical market, the combination of changing sales splits showing higher fee based earnings plus expensive equipment purchases and higher vatable rents are putting smaller business units at risk.

Snowbird have provided advice to all their clients about staying below de minimis by spreading exempt purchase vat across longer purchase schedules by leasing equipment and refit costs.

Snowbird Optilease

In the past this meant losing out on capital allowances on equipment purchase, until Optilease.

So here’s the sexy bit…….. Snowbird’s exclusive product provides you with the best of both worlds. Yes you guessed it you can spread exempt VAT over a lease period and claim your capital allowance in year 1!!

You can find out more about Optilease at Optrafair at stand D97 this weekend. Clever practitioners should find out about Optilease and its very reasonable leasing costs and then visit equipment and shop fitting stands armed with information to make a good bargain.

Read more about Snowbird Finance and Optilease here.

Eros Business Consulting launches Auto VatCalculator and Quick Check De Minimis checker.

April 2016

Eros BC have provided many clients over the last 20 years with Optical VAT apportionment reviews and advice negotiating direct withHMRC inspectors to achieve reasonable and agreed percentages.

They have left all their clients with the Eros Auto Vatcalculator to use for each return, making a complicated job simple with automatic de minimis level checking.

Now Eros BC is making it possible for everyone to acquire this downloadable spreadsheet to install with their own practice apportionment rates.

Just add identifiable sales totals for the quarter or year along with purchase totals for exempt/attributable/non attributable/EU import categories and “Hey Presto” your calculation is complete for HMRC input plus. Plus, the system automatically calculated your de minimis position.

Eros Auto De Minimis CheckBefore you head to Optrafair or consider equipment and refit purchases for the year consider getting the Eros Quick De Minimis Calculator guide to your exposure to de minimis breaches. Plan your purchases so it doesn’t cost you unexpected loss of reclaimed VAT on purchases.

Read vital tips on rechecking your VAT position and take a look at the two proven spreadsheet products that will save you time and quite possibly lost revenue. Here.

Eros Business Consulting has provided help an assistance to both industry and retail since 1998 in strategy, company health, indirect taxation, marketing and PR.

They understand Optics because their CEO ran successful retail and manufacturing businesses whilst being an optometrist and representing optometry in the UK.

Read more about Eros BC here or meet the CEO at Optrafair on Grafton Optical D70 or Snowbird Finance stand D72.

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